10 Facts about Cadbury World

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Facts about Cadbury World inform you with a self guided tour offered by Cadbury chocolate company. If you are interested to visit the Cadbury world, you can visit two different locations. The first one is in Dunedin, New Zealand, while the second one is situated in Birmingham, United Kingdom. Let’s find out other interesting facts about Cadbury World below:

Facts about Cadbury World 1: the opening of Cadbury World

On 14 August 1990, Morgan Anderson opened Cadbury World on Bournville manufacturing site. Find out facts about Cadbury here.

Facts about Cadbury World 2: the expansion and development

The content of Cadbury World has been developed and expanded from time to time to improve the site.

Cadbury World facts

Cadbury World facts

Facts about Cadbury World 3: the visitors

There are around 500,000 people who visited Cadbury World. These people will be able to discover and check the history of chocolate. They will be informed with the history of Cadbury business as well as the origin of Cadbury.

Facts about Cadbury World 4: what is Cadbury?

Cadbury is considered as the second largest confectionery manufacturers in the world.  The main product is the milk dairy chocolate. You can also find other products by Cadbury.

Cadbury World Birmingham

Cadbury World Birmingham

Facts about Cadbury World 5: the purpose of Cadbury World

The visitors who go to Cadbury World will be able to find out the respected education program.

Facts about Cadbury World 6: the zones

There are 14 zones located in Cadbury World. All of them are used to tell the story about Cadbury business and the story about chocolate. Find facts about Cadbury Chocolate here.

Cadbury World

Cadbury World

Facts about Cadbury World 7: the displays

There are various objects used by Cadbury World to present the educative program. You can check the staff demonstration, multi sensory cinema, video presentations, animatronics, static sets, interactive displays and many more.

Facts about Cadbury World 8: “The Bournville Experience”

In 2007, “The Bournville Experience” was opened to replace the old Cadbury Collection Museum. If you visit this zone, you will be informed with the background development for constructing Cadbury World. In 2014, the Essence was replaced with the new 4D Chocolate Adventure.

Facts about Cadbury World

Facts about Cadbury World

Facts about Cadbury World 9: Cadbury World in Dunedin, New Zealand

Another Cadbury World was established in July 2013. The location is in Dunedin, New Zealand. The Cadbury World Visitors’ Centre was renovated in May 2009.

Facts about Cadbury World 10: the interesting rooms

You can find out new themed rooms in Cadbury World in Dunedin. You can check the Old England room and Aztec themed room. When you are here, you will be offered with guided tour. It is not a self guided tour like in Cadbury World Birmingham.

Cadbury Chocolate

Cadbury Chocolate

Are you impressed after reading facts about Cadbury World?

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