10 Facts about Cadmium

Saturday, September 26th 2015. | Chemistry

Facts about Cadmium inform you with the chemical element which has the atomic number 48. The symbol of this element in the periodic table is Cd. It has the bluish white color with soft texture. Cadmium is always associated with mercury and zinc. Let’s find out other interesting facts about Cadmium below:

Facts about Cadmium 1: who discovered cadmium?

Stromeyer and Hermann discovered cadmium in 1817. It was seen in the zinc carbonate.

Facts about Cadmium 2: zinc ore

Cadmium can be seen in most zinc ores even though it is only a minor element. During the zinc production, cadmium is considered as the byproduct.

Facts about Cadmium

Facts about Cadmium

Facts about Cadmium 3: the usage of cadmium in the past

In the past, people stabilized plastic by using the cadmium compounds.   The pure cadmium was used for the corrosion resistant plating for steel as well as pigment by the industries.

Facts about Cadmium 4: the usage of cadmium now

Now the usage of cadmium is very limited because of the level of toxicity of the element. The industries also produce the nickel-metal hydride to replace the nickel cadmium batteries.



Facts about Cadmium 5: solar panel

Cadmium can be used to create the cadmium telluride solar panel. It allows the people to use the sunlight to convert it into energy.

Facts about Cadmium 6: the marine life

In the marine life, cadmium is considered as an important element.  There are several marine diatoms which are dependent on the cadmium carbonic anhydrase. But the importance of cadmium in the higher level of organism is not known.

Cadmium Pic

Cadmium Pic

Facts about Cadmium 7: the characteristics of cadmium

Let’s find out the characteristics of cadmium. It has the bluish white color. This metal is soft, ductile and malleable.  If you compare it with zinc, it is a bit similar. However, the compounds of cadmium are more complex. Check facts about boron here.

Facts about Cadmium 8: the metal element

Cadmium is considered as a metal element. But it is very special due to the corrosion resistant feature. There is no need to wonder that the steel is often covered with the protective layer made of cadmium.

 Cadmium facts

Cadmium facts

Facts about Cadmium 9: the physical properties

Cadmium is not a flammable metal. But it can be toxic and burn if you have cadmium in the powder form. Get facts about bismuth here.

Facts about Cadmium 10: the isotopes

There are eight isotopes of cadmium.  Two of which are radioactive. Both are 116Cd and 113Cd. The stable isotopes of cadmium include 112Cd, 111Cd and 110Cd.

Cadmium Element

Cadmium Element

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