10 Facts about Caffeine

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One of the stimulants for CNS or central nervous system is explained in Facts about Caffeine. It is included in the class of methylxanthine. Even though caffeine is considered as the psychoactive drug, it is legal. People like to consume it for it can increase the alertness and keep them awake. Talking about the chemical properties, caffeine has closer relation with guanine and adenine. Let’s find out more interesting facts about caffeine below:

Facts about Caffeine 1: the natural caffeine

You can find the natural caffeine in various plants which live in East Asia and South America. The leaves, nuts and seeds contain caffeine.

Facts about Caffeine 2: the coffee plants

The most common source of caffeine is from the seed of coffea plants. Many people call the seed as the coffea beans.

Caffeine facts

Caffeine facts

Facts about Caffeine 3: caffeine in beverages

There are various beverages sold in the supermarkets and stores which contain caffeine. People consume it to improve the energy and prevent drowsiness.

Facts about Caffeine 4: the infusion

The infusion is called as the process of making the beverages which contain caffeine. This content will be extracted from the plant. Then it will be steeped inside the water.

Facts about Caffeine

Facts about Caffeine

Facts about Caffeine 5: the popularity of caffeine based beverages

The caffeine based beverages are very popular in the world. More than 90 percent adults in North American consume it every single day. Get facts about breakfast here.

Facts about Caffeine 6: caffeine based beverages on FDA

FDA or food and Drug Administration classifies caffeine is GRAS or generally recognized as safe.



Facts about Caffeine 7: the toxic dose

You have to be careful when you consume caffeine. The toxic dose for caffeine is more than 10 grams for an adult each day.

Facts about Caffeine 8: a cup of coffee

On average, you can get 80 to 175 mg of caffeine from a cup of coffee. Actually the amount of caffeine on the coffee depends on the preparation process as well as the type of seed used to make the coffee. Therefore, it is safe for the people to consume coffee since you have to consume 50 to 100 cups of coffee to get the lethal dose.

Caffeine Image

Caffeine Image

Facts about Caffeine 9: the pure powdered caffeine

The dietary supplement of pure powdered caffeine is available. It is very dangerous for the tablespoon sized amount of this pure powder is lethal.

Facts about Caffeine 10: insomnia

Drinking caffeine in the evening hours can make you end up in insomnia. But some people do not experience any disturbance of sleeping at night even though they consume coffee. Find facts about blood pressure here.

Caffeine Picture

Caffeine Picture

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