10 Facts about CAFOD

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Find out an interesting organization in Facts about CAFOD. CAFOD stands for Catholic Agency for Overseas Development. In the past, the organization was called Catholic Fund for Overseas Development. The international aid agency focuses on the developing countries to help the suffering and poor people. In England and Wales, CAFOD is a Catholic aid agency. Here are other facts about CAFOD for you:

Facts about CAFOD 1: the fund

The main focus of CAFOD is to help the people who live in poverty. The fund for this organization is taken from the Catholic community in Wales and England, public donations and British government.

Facts about CAFOD 2: the establishment of CAFOD

In 1962, CAFOD was established. There are several aims of this organization. It is used to respond to emergencies, speak out for the poor people, promote the development in long term, support the social justice and raise the awareness of public about poverty.

Facts about CAFOD

Facts about CAFOD

Facts about CAFOD 3: the operation of CAFOD

It seems that CAFOD is a very big organization for it operates in more than 200 countries in the world. This organization is also a part of Caritas International Federation.

Facts about CAFOD 4: the staff and fund

There were 369 staffs who worked or CAFOD in 2010-2011. This organization earned £69 million from the donation.

CAFOD people

CAFOD people

Facts about CAFOD 5: the birth date of CAFOD

On 11 March 1960, the volunteer members of National Board of Catholic Women held the first family Fast Day which marked the birth of CAFOD. Check ASCPA facts here.

Facts about CAFOD 6: the public charity

CAFOD became a public charity after it was registered officially in 1962. It was included as a member of Caritas Internationalis in 1965. Then it became a member of CIDSE in 1969.

CAFOD facts

CAFOD facts

Facts about CAFOD 7: the first campaign

Can you guess the first campaign conducted by CAFOD? It was launched in Philippines in 1979. In 1987, CAFOD had a responsibility to lobby and guide the program for HIV AIDS after this organization was asked by Caritas.

Facts about CAFOD 8: the first international office

Now you can find CAFOD operating in various countries and territories in the world. CAFOD Albania was the first international office established in 1993.

CAFOD Charity

CAFOD Charity

Facts about CAFOD 9: MakePovertyHistory rally

One of the important events organized by CAFOD was MakePovertyHistory rally in 2005. There were 249,000 people who participated in the event in Edinburgh. Get facts about Barnardo’s city here.

Facts about CAFOD 10: offices of CAFOD

The international office CAFOD is found in Sierra Leone, Niger, Nicaragua, South Sudan, Kenya, Zimbabwe and many more.

CAFOD Activity

CAFOD Activity

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