10 Facts about CAHSEE

Sunday, September 27th 2015. | Education

If you want to know the requirement for high school graduation in California, you have to check Facts about CAHSEE. CAHSEE stands for California High School Exit Examination. To increase the academic performance of the high school students in California, California Department of Education creates CAHSEE. There are three areas focused on CAHSEE. Those include mathematics, writing and reading. Here are some interesting facts about CAHSEE to note:

Facts about CAHSEE 1: passing CAHSEE

The public school students must pass CAHSEE before they get the high school diploma. Of course, the students should follow other additional graduation requirements.

Facts about CAHSEE 2: the test

During the sophomore year, the students should take the first test. They are allowed to retake the sections of the test that they do not pass.



Facts about CAHSEE 3: the opportunities to pass the exam

Before the end of the senior year, the students will be given around 2 until 8 opportunities to pass the examination.

Facts about CAHSEE 4: the full implementation

The full implementation of CAHSEE was applied in the class in 2006 even though actually the department of education wanted to apply the test on the students who graduated in 2004.

Facts about CAHSEE

Facts about CAHSEE

Facts about CAHSEE 5: the students who passed CAHSEE

By the end of 2005-2006, there were 9 out of 10 students who passed CAHSEE.

Facts about CAHSEE 6: the high school exit examination

In the past, the high school exit examination in California was called High School Competency Exams. Then it is called CAHSEE.



Facts about CAHSEE 7: the state exam

The state examination was voted by the California policy maker in 1999. It marked the idea to create CAHSEE which meets the new academic standard in California. Get facts about being a teacher here.

Facts about CAHSEE 8: Jack O’Connell

Jack O’ Connell was the former state senator who passed the legislative bill to establish CAHSEE. The volunteers from the class of 2004 were the first ones who took CAHSEE.

CAHSEE Picture

CAHSEE Picture

Facts about CAHSEE 9: the division of CAHSEE

There are two primary sections in CAHSEE.  Both are mathematics and ELA or English language arts. There are 80 multiple-choice questions for the English section.  The students have to write 1 or 2 essays. There are 90 multiple choice questions for mathematics. Get facts about boarding school here.

Facts about CAHSEE 10: the essays

The essay that the student has to answer is focused on their reaction to literature, analysis, a biography or a business letter. One of the questions for the essay in 2002 was the student should write her or his opinion on how to persuade people not to leave the garbage or trash on the school grounds.



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