10 Facts about Cairns

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Facts about Cairns tell you about the major city in Queensland. It is considered as the 14th largest city in the country. The name of the city was derived from the name of the then current governor of Queensland William Wellington Cairns.  The location of Cairns was in north of Queensland, Australia during the first establishment in 1876. The purpose of this city was to serve the miners. However, it was declined after people find out a better route in Port Douglas. Let’s check more interesting facts about Cairns below:

Facts about Cairns 1: the population of Cairns

Cairns were inhabited by around 156,169 people based on the report in June 2011.  The location of the city is around 1,100 miles from Brisbane.

Facts about Cairns 2: the tropical climate

The tropical climate in Cairns is very enticing. Many people love to visit the city due to the wonderful climate. The people who want to reach Far North Queensland or Great Barrier Reef usually comes to Cairns as their starting point.



Facts about Cairns 3: the regional council

The regional council governs the city of Cairns. Every four years, the city has the election to pick up a mayor and 10 councillors.

Facts about Cairns 4: the economy

One of the main sources of economy in cairns is from tourism. It is considered as the fourth most population destination visited by the international people. The Chinese people also love to visit the city they can reach it directly from Shanghai and Guangzhou via flights.

Cairns Town

Cairns Town

Facts about Cairns 5: during the Lunar New Year

There were around 20,000 Chinese visitors who went on the chartered flight visiting Cairns during the Chinese Lunar New Year period in 2013.

Facts about Cairns 6: the strategic location

Cairns is considered as a strategic location for it is near the famous Australian destinations such as Atherton Tableland, West Tropics of Queensland and Great Barrier Reef.

Cairns Pic

Cairns Pic

Facts about Cairns 7: the shopping centers

The people who love shopping should come to Cairns for it has several shopping centers. You can go to the central business district for it houses Cairns Central shopping centre. In the suburb of Earlville, you can find Stock land Cairns. Get facts about Bury here.

Facts about Cairns 8: the media

There are various media in the city. The newspaper publication includes The Cairns Bulletin, The Cairns Sun and The Cairns Post.

facts about Cairns

facts about Cairns

Facts about Cairns 9: sugar cane farming

The sugar cane farming is still presented in some areas in Cairns. Get facts about Buxton Canada here.

Facts about Cairns 10: the airport

The seventh business domestic airport in Australia is Cairns International Airport.

Cairns facts

Cairns facts

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