10 Facts about Cairo

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Let’s find out the capital of Egypt in Facts about Cairo. In Africa, Cairo is considered as the second largest city. The first one is Lagos. In Middle East, Cairo is the largest city. It is ranked as the 15th largest metropolitan area in the world. In 969 CE, Cairo was established near Nile Delta.  Get more interesting facts about Cairo:

Facts about Cairo 1: the history of Cairo

The cultural and political life in Egypt was centered in Cairo. Due to the magnificent Islamic architecture in Cairo, it is billed as a city of a thousand minarets.

Facts about Cairo 2: who founded Cairo?

Jawhar al-Siqilli “The Sicilian” established Cairo in 10th century. He was from the Fatimid dynasty.

Cairo Facts

Cairo Facts

Facts about Cairo 3: the ancient Egypt

If we talk about the ancient Egypt, we should never forget Cairo.  The city has the strategic location for it is near the ancient cities such as Fustat, Giza and Memphis. Therefore, it is easier for the people who live in Cairo to reach Pyramid of Giza and Great Sphinx.

Facts about Cairo 4: al-Azhar University

Cairo is a home to al-Azhar University. It is considered as the second institution of higher learning in the world.

Cairo Pic

Cairo Pic

Facts about Cairo 5: the population

Cairo has the area of 175 square miles or 453 square kilometers. It is inhabited by 6.76 people. Therefore, it is called as the largest city in the country. Check facts about Buffalo New York here.

Facts about Cairo 6: the busy city

Due to the importance of Cairo as the capital of Egypt, there is no need to wonder that people have to deal with the traffic and high level of pollutions. There are around 1 billion passenger rides per year in Cairo.

Cairo Travel

Cairo Travel

Facts about Cairo 7: the squash players

The squash players from Egypt are very famous in the world. Those included Amr Shabana, Karim Darwish and Gizira Club in Zamalek.

Facts about Cairo 8: The National Cultural Centre

JICA is Japan International Co-operation Agency which helped the establishment of The National Cultural Centre in Cairo. Find facts about Buenos Aires here.

Facts about Cairo

Facts about Cairo

Facts about Cairo 9: The Cairo Geniza

The Cairo Geniza is an important document which contained 200,000 Jewish manuscripts. The experts believe that it was probably written around 870 to 1880 AD.

Facts about Cairo 10: Sunni Muslim

Sunni Muslim is the most common residents who live in Cairo. The leading authority of Sunny Islam is Al-Azhar University. There are a lot of mosques built in Cairo.

Cairo Picture

Cairo Picture

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