10 Facts about Cake Decorating

Monday, September 28th 2015. | Culinary

Let’s check the interesting Facts about Cake Decorating in below explanation. Cake decorating is very important when you want to make a magnificent and special cake. You can use the decorative elements made of fruits, frosting or icing to make the cake stand out. The plain cake will be amazing to view if the top and side cakes are decorative.  You can also make the cake in three dimension shape for it can be sculpted and molded. Here are some interesting facts about cake decorating.

Facts about Cake Decorating 1: the special celebration

People decide to decorate a cake because they want to celebrate an important occasion such as wedding party, wedding anniversary or even birthday party.

Facts about Cake Decorating 2: other celebration

Besides the personal celebration, cake decorating is also important to mark the religious holidays, festivals, and national holidays.

Cake Decorating Ideas

Cake Decorating Ideas

Facts about Cake Decorating 3: the origin of cake decorating

In 17th century, the cake decorating was originated from European continent.

Facts about Cake Decorating 4: making the cake

Making the cake is easier to conduct by the people due to the presence of temperature controlled ovens in 1840s. Moreover, the production of baking powder also contributes a lot for easier cake production.  There is no need to wonder that the decoration of cake is developed too.

Cake Decorating Facts

Cake Decorating Facts

Facts about Cake Decorating 5: the decorative aspects

People begin to note on the decorative aspects of a cake. They are made in unique shapes and designs. The icing is made in various shapes, patterns and colors. The food coloring is also used to give unique look on the cake.

Facts about Cake Decorating 6: the beginning of cake decorating

In 1840s, a French baker wanted to increase the price of the cakes. Therefore, he had an idea to decorate the plain cake to make it more valuable.

Facts about Cake Decorating

Facts about Cake Decorating


Facts about Cake Decorating 7: the fruit cake

The fruit cake is amazing. You can have it decorated with kiwi, mango, orange or strawberry top. Check facts about cacao here.

Facts about Cake Decorating 8: the fondant

The usage of fondant to decorate a cake is very popular today. It makes the cake look elegant, smooth and soft. You can mold the fondant to create various decorative elements such as dove or flowers.

Cake Decorating

Cake Decorating

Facts about Cake Decorating 9: the royal icing

The royal icing is made of icing sugar and egg white. This sweet icing is often used to create border, laceworks, scrollwork and writing on the cakes. Get facts about Cadbury chocolate here.

Facts about Cake Decorating 10: the special tools

When you decorate the cake, you can use the special tool such as piping tips, syringes and piping bags.

Cake Decorating Pic

Cake Decorating Pic

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