10 Facts about Cakes

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Facts about Cakes inform you with a sweet dessert. People often create the cake by baking it inside the oven. Today, you can find a wide range of cakes in various flavors, colors, shapes and ingredients.  It can be simple or complex. If you check the traditional cake, it was just a modified version of breads.  The features of modern cakes are associated with other types of desserts such as pies, custards, meringues and pastries. Here are some interesting facts about cakes to note.

Facts about Cakes 1: the common ingredients of cakes

The common ingredients of cake include butter, eggs, oil, flour and sugar. The leavening agent usually is added to increase the texture of the cake. The agent can be baking powder of yeast. It is also mixed with liquid like water or milk. Find facts about butter here.

Facts about Cakes 2: the flavoring

The flavoring for cakes is various too. You can use extracts, cocoa, nuts, candied fruit, fresh fruit or dried fruit.

Cake Decorating Facts

Cake Decorating Facts

Facts about Cakes 3: the filling

The filling of the cake is numerous. You can use the butter cream, pastry cream, fruit preserves, candied fruit, piped border or marzipan.

Facts about Cakes 4: the recipe

If you want to make wonderful and delicious cakes, you can have to check the right recipe. It can be made in elaborate style. If you want a simple cake, choose the bread like cake recipe. Since we live in a modern world, making a cake is easier to do.

Facts about Cakes

Facts about Cakes

Facts about Cakes 5: the celebratory dish

Cake is often served as a celebratory dish. You will always find cake in the birthday, wedding party, graduation party or even anniversaries.

Facts about Cakes 6: the categories of cakes

The categories of cakes are often divided based on the cooking methods as well as the ingredients used to make the cake.



Facts about Cakes 7: the traditional formed cake

The traditional cake is the yeast cake. It looks similar with yeast bread. Stollen and babka are included in the traditional cake pastries.

Facts about Cakes 8: the first non yeast based cakes

The first non yeast based cake is sponge cake. It is made by using baking powder or other leavening agents. Gateu is used to call the decorative and lavish sponge cake.



Facts about Cakes 9: the festival

There are several special cakes created to celebrate an important festival. During the Easter, people cook simnel cake and babka cake. At Christmas, people serve chocolate log or stollen. Get facts about cake decorating here.

Facts about Cakes 10: the common shape of cakes

Cake is available in various shapes. You can have them in layer cakes, sheet cakes, cake balls, bundt cakes, conical cake, Swiss roll and cupcakes.

Cakes Types

Cakes Types

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