10 Facts about Calais

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Get the interesting information about the town located in France in Facts about Calais. Calais has major ferry port in Pas-de-Calais. Based on the report in 2010, the town was occupied by 126,395 people. If you are in Calais, you can check the view of English Channel and Strait of Dover. There is no need to wonder that Calais is considered as the closest town to England. During the clear day in Calais, you can view the White Cliffs of Dover.

Facts about Calais 1: the ferries

As I have stated before, Calais is considered as an important ferry port. You can find out a lot of ferries. They are in and out of this port from France and England.

Facts about Calais 2: Calais in the middle ages

Let’s find out the importance of Calais during the middle ages. It was considered as a trading and transport center due to the major port in the town. The trade between England and France occurred here. Get facts about Cairns here.

Facts about Calais

Facts about Calais

Facts about Calais 3: annexation

In 1347, Edward III of England annexed Calais. Then the town was developed because of the wool production. In 1558, the town was controlled by France from England.

Facts about Calais 4: the nickname of Calais

In the past, Calais was nicknamed as the brightest jewel in the English Crown.  The nickname was given to the town because it gave the people the gateway for the wood, lace, lead and tin trades.



Facts about Calais 5: Calais in World War II

During the World War II, Siege of Calais took place. The invading Germany forces considered the town as a strategic site to launch the missiles to England.

Facts about Calais 6: the artificial island

Calais has an artificial island. You can find harbors and canals around the island. Calais-Nord or Calais proper is located inside the island. It is considered as the old area of Calais.

Calais Pic

Calais Pic

Facts about Calais 7: Place d’Armes

Place d’Armes is the center area where you can find a watch tower called Tour du Guet. In 13th century, this structure was constructed. It was functioned as a lighthouse.

Facts about Calais 8: the church of Notre-Dame

The church of Notre-Dame is a unique landmark in Calais. It has the English perpendicular style that you will never find in France.

Calais facts

Calais facts

Facts about Calais 9: the fame of Calais

Until this present day, the lace industry in Calais still grows up. There are around 3,000 people who work in the industries.

Facts about Calais 10: the export

The town exports potatoes, wool, hay, straws, metal ware, lace, glass ware, wines paper, chemical and fruit.

Calais Town

Calais Town

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