10 Facts about Calamity Jane

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Facts about Calamity Jane talk about the American scout and frontier woman. She was born on 1 May 1852 and died on 1 August 1903. She was born with the name Martha Jane Canary. People know her as Calamity Jane. She was famous due to her act for fighting for the Indians and her acquaintance with Wild Bill Hickok. Here are some interesting facts about Calamity Jane for you:

Facts about Calamity Jane 1: Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show

Buffalo Bill was famous in United States due to his performance for the Wild West Show. Do you know that Jane appeared in the show later in her life? You can also see her appearance in Pan American Exposition in 1901. Get facts about Buffalo Bill here.

Facts about Calamity Jane 2: the men’s attire

If you check the picture of Calamity Jane, you will be amazed. You can find her wearing different kinds of men’s attire.

Calamity Jane Facts

Calamity Jane Facts

Facts about Calamity Jane 3: her purpose

Jane was like to show compassion and kindness to other people. She wanted to share happiness and compassion for the needed and sick people. However, those characters were contrasted with her frontier figure.

Facts about Calamity Jane 4: the early life

The people can only find out the early life of Calamity Jane from the autobiography book that she created in 1896. She wrote the book just for publicity. Check facts about Billy the Kid here.

Calamity Jane Photo

Calamity Jane Photo

Facts about Calamity Jane 5: the place of birth

Her birth name was Martha Jane Canary or Cannary. She was born in Princeton, Mercer County, Missouri on 1 May 1852.

Facts about Calamity Jane 6: parents

Her mother was Charlotte Cannary, while her father was Robert W. Cannary. Based on the census conducted in 1860, it was reported that the family lived 11 km or 7 miles northeast of Princeton. There were six kids in the family and the young Martha was the eldest one.

Calamity Jane Pic

Calamity Jane Pic

Facts about Calamity Jane 7: Jane in 1875

In 1875, Jane was with Newton–Jenney Party to reach Rapid City. She lost her beauty. Due to the high plains, wind and sun, her skin was tanned and leathery. She looked more masculine due to her muscular body.

Facts about Calamity Jane 8: Jane in Deadwood

When she settled in Black Hills, the leading madam in the area often employed her. Jane also made friends with Charlie Utter and Wild Bill Hickok.

Calamity Jane

Calamity Jane

Facts about Calamity Jane 9: the admiration

Wild Bill Hickok was the person that Jane admired most. There was an alleged assumption that Jane was obsessed with his life and personality.

Facts about Calamity Jane 10: death

On 1 August 1903, Calamity Jane died due to pneumonia and bowel inflammation.

facts about Calamity Jane

facts about Calamity Jane

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