10 Facts about Calcium Carbonate

Tuesday, September 29th 2015. | Chemistry

Facts about Calcium Carbonate present the information about the chemical compound which consists of calcium, oxygen and carbon. The formula for this compound is CaCO3. There are several marine organisms which have the shells composed from calcium carbonate. You can find this compound on the shells of coal balls, snails, eggshells and pearls.

Facts about Calcium Carbonate 1: the common substance

Calcium carbonate is considered as the common component in most rocks that you can find in various regions in the world.

Facts about Calcium Carbonate 2: the agricultural lime

Inside the agricultural lime, calcium carbonate is considered as the active ingredient. The limescale will be created when carbonate ions and calcium ions in hard water have reaction

Calcium Carbonate Tablet

Calcium Carbonate Tablet

Facts about Calcium Carbonate 3: the consumption

The consumption of calcium carbonate is hazardous if you take the excessive amount of calcium carbonate. In the medical world, calcium carbonate is used as an antacid or calcium supplement.

Facts about Calcium Carbonate 4: calcium carbonate in the construction industry

Calcium carbonate is also used in the construction industry. It is often added as the ingredient in cement and for limestone to create road.

Calcium Carbonate Pic

Calcium Carbonate Pic

Facts about

Facts about Calcium Carbonate 5: in the iron ore

The iron ore contains iron. To get the pure iron from the ore, people use calcium carbonate in the process of purification.

Facts about Calcium Carbonate 6: the drilling fluid

The drilling fluid usually is added with calcium carbonate to increase the density. It is also used as the filtercake sealing agent and formation bridging agent.

Calcium Carbonate Facts

Calcium Carbonate Facts

Facts about Calcium Carbonate 7: the swimming pools

The people who have swimming pools also use calcium carbonate to maintain the alkalinity of the water.

Facts about Calcium Carbonate 8: the blackboard chalk

Do you know that the blackboard chalk contains calcium carbonate? However, gypsum is considered as the main component in the modern version of chalk.  Get facts about calcium here.

Facts about Calcium Carbonate

Facts about Calcium Carbonate

Facts about Calcium Carbonate 9: the paper

During the production of paper, calcium carbonate is used as filler. The industries apply this compound for it is more affordable than the wood fiber. Calcium carbonate usually occupies 10 to 20 percent of writing and printing paper. Get facts about asbestos here.

Facts about Calcium Carbonate 10: other usage of calcium carbonate

Calcium carbonate is used for various purposes too such as for a sealant, adhesive, ceramic tiles, and decorating fillers. It occupies 70 to 80 percent of ceramic tiles. The industries also mix it with glass window to avoid sticking.

Calcium Carbonate

Calcium Carbonate

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