10 Facts about California Drought

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Facts about California Drought explain the driest condition experienced by the people who live in California. It is estimated that 44 percent of the areas in the state are in the worst level of drought. The climate change is the main cause of California drought. Therefore, the government creates many plans to reduce the effect of climate change such as by having renewable energy and cars. Check other interesting facts about California drought below:

Facts about California Drought 1: California drought

The California drought is considered as the most serious drought by the people in California in this modern time. It was stated by the chairwoman of State Water Resources Control Board, Felicia Marcus on 1 February 2014.

Facts about California Drought 2: the argument of Marcus

Marcus also encouraged the people in California to conserve what they have so that they can use it again in the future.

California Drought Image

California Drought Image

Facts about California Drought 3: the study about precipitation

There was a study about precipitation conducted for 16 years. It showed that the groundwater dependent vegetation was affected by precipitation level. It gives the people a clue that there are several plants which prevent the drought. However, they have to make sure that the groundwater is sufficient enough.

Facts about California Drought 4: the plan for Californian Department of Water Resources

There was a plan to decrease the usage of water for farm by 50 percent. This plan was proposed by California Department of Water Resources.

California Drought Facts

California Drought Facts

Facts about California Drought 5: the months of drought

Due to the severe drought that people face in California, there were 38 million people in the state who have to live in 13 months of drought.

Facts about California Drought 6: the agricultural industries

The agricultural industries in the state were deeply affected due to the presence of California drought. The vegetables, nuts and fruits were not able to grow due to the lack of water.

Facts about California Drought

Facts about California Drought

Facts about California Drought 7: the driest on the record

The driest season of California drought was recorded by NASA twelve months before January 2014.

Facts about California Drought 8: Severe Drought

There was an analysis published by US Drought Monitor which stated that 100 percent California was in high level of drought. Get facts about California here.

California Drought

California Drought

Facts about California Drought 9: the 2014 drought in California

The most severe drought in the history of California was in 2014. Even though at the end of the year, the state got rainfall, it was not enough.

Facts about California Drought 10: Extreme Drought severity

At first 2014 drought was called Exceptional Drought. Due to the presence of winter storm which gave the area enough rainfall, it was turned into Extreme Drought severity. Get facts about bushfire here.

California facts

California facts

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