10 Facts about Caligula

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Let’s check the personal life of Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus in Facts about Caligula. Caligula is considered as the famous nickname of this roman emperor. He was born on 31 August AD 12 and died on 24 January AD 41. He was included in the Julio-Claudian dynasty. His father was very famous. The people loved him much. He was a respectable general. Emperor Tiberius adopted his father as his son. Get more interesting facts about Caligula below:

Facts about Caligula 1: the popular nickname

Caligula was the popular nickname of the young Gaius. He earned the name from the soldiers of his father when he was involved in campaigns in Germania.  Caligula is considered as the diminutive form of caliga. It means the little soldier’s boot.

Facts about Caligula 2: the death of his father

In AD 19, Caligula’s father, Germanicus died. Therefore, Agrippina along with his six kids returned to Rome. Due to her conflict with Emperor Tiberius, Caligula appeared as the only male survivor in the family.

Caligula Bust

Caligula Bust

Facts about Caligula 3: the invitation of Emperor Tiberius

In AD 31, Emperor Tiberius invited Caligula to the island of Capri. He accepted the invitation. In AD 37, the emperor died and Caligula was made into emperor.

Facts about Caligula 4: the reign of Caligula

During the first six months of his reign as an emperor, Caligula was depicted as a moderate ruler and noble man.

Caligula Facts

Caligula Facts

Facts about Caligula 5: the insane tyrant

Caligula was depicted as an insane tyrant after he became an emperor later in his life. He was famous with his sexual perversity, extravagance, sadism and cruelty. However, people are still questionable whether it is true or not.

Facts about Caligula 6: the ambitious projects

During his reign as an emperor, he created many ambitious and luxury plans for himself.  There were two aqueducts constructed under his reign. Both were the Anio Novus and Aqua Claudia.



Facts about Caligula 7: Kingdom of Mauretania

Kingdom of Mauretania was annexed under the reign of Caligula. It was included as a province. Get facts about Boudicca here.

Facts about Caligula 8: the assassination

There was a conspiracy held by the courtiers, senators, and officers to killed Caligula. He died in the beginning of AD 41.

Facts about Caligula

Facts about Caligula

Facts about Caligula 9: Claudius

Claudius was the uncle of Caligula.  He was declared by Praetorian Guard as the Roman emperor on the day Caligula was assassinated. Get facts about Byzantine Empire here.

Facts about Caligula 10: marriage

Junia Claudilla and Caligula were briefly married. However, he had to lose her during the childbirth.

Caligula Statue

Caligula Statue

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