10 Facts about Calories

Thursday, October 1st 2015. | Science

Facts about Calories talk about the two units of energy. Calorie is associated with the gram calorie or small calorie or the kilogram calorie or large calorie. The former one is symbolized with cal. The latter one is often called as the nutritionist calorie, dietary calorie, kilogram calorie, food calorie or nutritional calorie. Let’s check other interesting facts about calories by reading the below post:

Facts about Calories 1: the equal amount

The large calorie is symbolized with Cal. It is equal with 1000 small calories.

Facts about Calories 2: the international system of Units

Joule is used as the main unit of calorie in international system of units. One large calorie is equal with 4.2 kilojoules.

Facts about Calories

Facts about Calories

Facts about Calories 3: a unit in food energy

A unit of food energy is always defined with the large calorie even though it is considered as the non official status.

Facts about Calories 4: Nicolas Clément

In 1824, Nicolas Clément defined calorie as a unit of heat. Between 1841 and 1867, the word calorie was included in the English and French dictionaries. The word calorie was derived from the Latin word of calor. The meaning of this word is heat.

Calories Foods

Calories Foods

Facts about Calories 5: the calorie allowance

If you are interested to follow a weight loss plan, you need to know the daily calorie allowance. The women can take 1,400 kcal, while men can take 1,900 kcal.

Facts about Calories 6: the food label

If you buy food or drink, you can check the package for it usually contains the food labels. The calorie inside the food or drink is explained in the food label.

Calories Food

Calories Food

Facts about Calories 7: banana

Can you guess the calorie that you can get from banana? The report finds out that 100 gram of banana or a medium sized banana has 398 kJ or 95 kcal.

Facts about Calories 8: the food in the restaurants

There are several foods served in the famous restaurants which have labeling to inform the amount of calorie. Check BMI facts here.

Calories Facts

Calories Facts

Facts about Calories 9: the lunch

If you want to lose the weight rapidly, it is better for you to create your own lunch. You can pick a banana, a bottle of orange juice and a sandwich. If you want to make spaghetti Bolognese, make sure that you only use a tablespoon of oil to decrease the calorie. Use the chopped tomatoes, onions, beef mince, vegetable stocks, carrots, spices, herbs and olive oil to make the Bolognese sauce. Get facts about breakfast here.

Facts about Calories 10: the energy intake

The energy intake of the people can be controlled if they always check the label of the energy content behind the products that they find on the supermarket.



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