10 Facts about Calum Hood

Thursday, October 1st 2015. | Music

If you are interested to know the Australian bassist, you have to check Facts about Calum Hood. In 2011, he joined 5 Seconds of Summer. It is a pop rock band from Australia. Some interesting songs from the bands include “Don’t Stop” and “She Looks So Perfect”. Let’s find out more interesting facts about Calum Hood by reading the below post:

Facts about Calum Hood 1: the life of before he was famous

Before Hood was famous, he was enrolled at Norwest Christian College. While pursuing his education in the college, he met his future band mates in 5 Seconds of Summer.

Facts about Calum Hood 2: the EP

The second EP of Calum Hood was released in 2012. The title was Somewhere New.

facts about Calum Hood

facts about Calum Hood

Facts about Calum Hood 3: the family life

If we talk about the family life of Calum Hood, he is the son of Joy and David Hood. He has a sister. Her name is Mali-Koa. She is a singer.

Facts about Calum Hood 4: what is 5SOS?

5SOS stands for 5 Seconds of Summer. It is a band from Australia with the genre pop rock and pop punk. In 2011, the band was established. Hood serves as the bassist in the band.

Calum Hood

Calum Hood

Facts about Calum Hood 5: the popularity of the band

5 Seconds of Summer is popular after they posted videos in YouTube. It made them as a YouTube artist. When the band had a tour with One Direction, they received the international fame.

Facts about Calum Hood 6: the debut single

The debut single of 5 Seconds of Summer is “She Looks So Perfect”. It was released in February 2014. In Ireland, UK, New Zealand and Australia, it was in the top chart. In June 2014, the self titled album of the band was released.

Calum Hood Picture

Calum Hood Picture

Facts about Calum Hood 7: the beginning of 5 Seconds of Summer

Luke Hemmings, Michael Clifford and Calum Hood studied at Norwest Christian College. They did the cover version of popular songs and posted them on YouTube. Get facts about Becky G here.

Facts about Calum Hood 8: Ashton Irwin

Ashton Irwin is the drummer of this band. He joined it in December 2011.

Calum Hood Facts

Calum Hood Facts

Facts about Calum Hood 9: a major interest

Due to the popularity of this band on YouTube, there were various publishers and major music labels who wanted to sign the band. Finally, Sony ATV Music Publishing got the publishing deal. Get facts about Bam Margera here.

Facts about Calum Hood 10: the band members

Luke Hemmings serves as the rhythm guitar and lead vocal. Hood is the backing vocal and bass guitar. Ashton Irwin is the drummer and backing vocal, while Clifford is guitarist and backing vocal.

Calum Hood Bassist

Calum Hood Bassist

Are you impressed after reading facts about Calum Hood?

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