10 Facts about Calvin Klein

Thursday, October 1st 2015. | Fashion

Facts about Calvin Klein tell you about the American fashion house. Calvin Klein is the fashion designer who founded Calvin Klein Inc. PVH now owns Calvin Klein. The base of this company is located in Midtown Manhattan, New York City. Here are other facts about Calvin Klein for you:

Facts about Calvin Klein 1: the foundation of Calvin Klein Inc.

Klein used his $10,000 to establish a coat shop in York Hotel in New York City in 1968.

Facts about Calvin Klein 2: the first collection of Calvin Klein

The first collection of Calvin Klein was described as understated and youthful dresses and coats.  The products were seen in Bonwit Teller. It was a New York City store.

Calvin Klein Bieber

Calvin Klein Bieber

Facts about Calvin Klein 3: Vogue magazine

Vogue magazine is one of the famous magazines in the world. After Klein ran his business, he appeared in Vogue magazine in September 1969.

Facts about Calvin Klein 4: the women’s collection

In his women collection, Klein added lingerie, classic blazers and sportswear by 1971.

Calvin Klein Picture

Calvin Klein Picture

Facts about Calvin Klein 5: Coty American Fashion Critics’ Award

Klein was considered as the youngest recipient of Coty American Fashion Critics’ Award in 1973. He earned the award because of his 74-piece womenswear collection. In 1974 and 1975, he earned the award again.

Facts about Calvin Klein 6: the success for Klein

Klein was successful in the fashion business. The company earned $30 million in 1977.  His sunglasses, furs, shoes, scarves, sheets and belts were licensed too. The underwear line of Calvin Klein was promoted in 1990s.

Facts about Calvin Klein

Facts about Calvin Klein

Facts about Calvin Klein 7: Acquisition

Phillips Van Heusen Corp or PVH acquired Calvin Klein Inc. in mid December 2012. Actually VF Corp was interested to acquire Calvin Klein, but PVH outbid it. However, the business controlled by Warnaco group such as the swimwear, jeans and underwear business were not included in the deal. PVH acquired Warnaco Group in February 2013. Check Amanda Wakeley facts here.

Facts about Calvin Klein 8: the product of Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein has various products. Those include Calvin Klein sport, Calvin Klein jeans, Calvin Klein golf, Calvin Klein home, Calvin Klein watches and jewelry, Calvin Klein underwear, and Khaki collection.

Calvin Klein Facts

Calvin Klein Facts

Facts about Calvin Klein 9: the perfume and cologne

Calvin Klein also sells colognes and perfume. The famous ones include Eternity and Obsession. Get facts about Batik here.

Facts about Calvin Klein 10: models

Mark Wahlberg was one of the signature models of Calvin Klein. He was hip hop star. Other models of Calvin Klein include Eva Mendes, Mehcad Brooks, Tom Hintnaus, David Agbodji, Rooney Mara, Edward Furlong, Rita Ora and Zoe Saldana.

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein

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