10 Facts about Calvinism

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If you want to know the major branch of Protestantism, you have to check Facts about Calvinism. People often it as Reformed Christianity, Reformed Tradition or Reformed Faith. The main figure in Calvinism is John Calvin. This practice of Calvinism is based on the Christian practice as well as the theologian tradition of John Calvin and other theologians in the Reformation period. Check more interesting facts about Calvinism below:

Facts about Calvinism 1: the difference of Calvinism

Calvinism is based on Christianity, but it is different from Roman Catholic Church. Therefore, this religion is called as the Reformed Christianity.

Facts about Calvinism 2: the Lutherans

If you think that Calvinists and Lutherans are similar, you are wrong. Both view the theories of worship and the real presence of Christ in Eucharist differently.

Calvinism Facts

Calvinism Facts

Facts about Calvinism 3: the movement

The Lutherans called the movement as Calvinism at the first time. They opposed the view of Calvinism.

Facts about Calvinism 4: Five Points of Calvinism

Five Points of Calvinism are very important in the tradition and practice of Calvinism. It is considered as the summary of the Calvinists’ belief and views. Get facts about Bible here.

Calvinism Picture

Calvinism Picture

Facts about Calvinism 5: the point of view

There are many people who believe that Calvinism is centered on the rule of God in all things. Therefore, this belief focuses not only on the God’s salvation, but also all in life.

Facts about Calvinism 6: the reformed theologians

The word Calvinism was derived from the name of John Calvin. He was one of the important figures who proposed the reformed theologians. Other influential figures include Heinrich Bullinger, John Knox, Martin Bucer, Ulrich Zwingli, Theodore Beza, and Peter Martyr Vermigli. All of them are considered as the early influential figures. Find facts about Anglican Church here.

 Calvinism Image

Calvinism Image

Facts about Calvinism 7: the famous reformed theologians in 20th century

The famous reformed theologians in 20th century are Gordon Clark, Karl Barth, Abraham Kuyper, Martyn Lloyd-Jones, Herman Bavinck and Cornelius Van Til.

Facts about Calvinism 8: the famous contemporary reformed theologians

John MacArthur, Alister McGrath, J. I. Packer, and Michael Horton are some influential contemporary reformed theologians.



Facts about Calvinism 9: the World Communion of Reformed Churches

The World Communion of Reformed Churches is considered as the largest reformed association. It has 211 member denominations with around 80 million members in the world.

Facts about Calvinism 10: the conservative reformed federations

International Conference of Reformed Churches and World Reformed Fellowship are considered as the conservative reformed federation in the world.

Facts about Calvinism

Facts about Calvinism

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