10 Facts about Calypso

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Find out the nymph in Greek mythology in Facts about Calypso. Atlas the Titan was said to be her father. Odysseus was detained by Calypso for several years in the island of Ogygia since she lived there. If you have read Homer’s Odyssey, you must be familiar with Calypso. She got an important role in the story. Let’s find out more interesting facts about Calypso:

Facts about Calypso 1: the prisoner

Odysseus became the prisoner of Calypso for seven years based on the story of Homer. He was the fabled Greek hero. Calypso made him as his immortal husband at Ogygia Island.

Facts about Calypso 2: the years in Captivity

There are different perspectives about the years of Odysseus spent his life under the captivity of Calypso. Home stated that he was detained for seven years. Hyginus stated that he only spent one year, while Pseudo-Apollodorus said that he was in the island five years. Check Artemis facts here.

Calypso Picture

Calypso Picture

Facts about Calypso 3: the enchanted Odysseus

Odysseus was enchanted by Calypso when he heard her singing. Calypso moved her body back and forth and weaving her loom.

Facts about Calypso 4: as her immortal husband

Odysseus became the immortal husband of Calypso. Odysseus wanted to leave her even though both had slept together.

Facts about Calypso

Facts about Calypso

Facts about Calypso 5: the real wife of Odysseus

When Odysseus was in captivity of Calypso, he missed her real wife a lot. Her name was Penelope. Odysseus had an intention to tell Calypso about it.

Facts about Calypso 6: Zeus

Athena who was the patron goddess of Odysseus asked Zeus to help him. Therefore, Hermes the messenger was ordered by Zeus to tell Calypso to release him from the island. Get facts about Athena here.

Calypso Statue

Calypso Statue

Facts about Calypso 7: the angry Calypso

When Hermes told her to release Odysseus, she was very upset. She believed that it was not fair. She gave Odysseus bread, wine and raft and released him.

Facts about Calypso 8: the children

It was not mentioned whether calypso had any children or not in Homer. However, there were several accounts which stated that Latinus was the son of Calypso and Odysseus. Other accounts stated that Calypso had two kids with Odysseus. Both were Nausinous and Nausithous.



Facts about Calypso 9: the name

The name Calypso was derived from the word kalypto. The meaning of this word is to deceive, to hide, to conceal and to cover. The meaning of the word was linked with Calypso’s characters and her island.

Facts about Calypso 10: Epic of Gilgamesh

Epic of Gilgamesh and story of Odysseus and Calypso have close similarities. The former one is centered on Gilgamesh and Siduri.

Calypso Pic

Calypso Pic

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