10 Facts about Calypso Music

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Facts about Calypso Music inform you with the African Caribbean music style. During the beginning to the mid-20th century, the musical style was invented in Trinidad and Tobago. The rhythms of Calypso music was seen in 18th century. Here are some interesting facts about Calypso music:

Facts about Calypso Music 1: the influence

The Calypso music was heavily influenced by the French and African music. It was used as the voice of these people.

Facts about Calypso Music 2: the characteristics of Calypso music

The characteristics of Calypso music are seen on the presence of harmonic vocals and the rhythmic music.

Calypso Music Pic

Calypso Music Pic

Facts about Calypso Music 3: Calypso music in politics

Calypso music has an important role in politics. At that time, the government was very attracted with this musical style. The masses were allowed to challenge the unelected legislative council and governor to do the music. The history of Trinidad and Tobago cannot be separated with the calypso music.

Facts about Calypso Music 4: the genres

There are various genres of Calypso in Caribbean music. One of them is Mento.  Ska and reggae were influenced a lot by this Jamaican folk music. Other genres include Spounge, soca music, Ska, and Benna genre.

Calypso Music facts

Calypso Music facts

Facts about Calypso Music 5: the usage of Calypso

In 1930s, people began to use the term calypso. People believe that the term calypso was taken from the word kaiso.

Facts about Calypso Music 6: the brief history of calypso music

The African slaves imported to Caribbean island brought the music from canboulay music and West African kaiso music in 17th century. It was developed in Trinidad.

Calypso Music Players

Calypso Music Players

Facts about Calypso Music 7: the slaves who worked in sugar plantations

The slaves who worked in the sugar plantations were not allowed to communicate with other slaves. Therefore, they often used calypso to communicate with others or even mock their masters. Get Bongo drum facts here.

Facts about Calypso Music 8: French Creole

The French Creole was the main language that the slaves used to sing calypso. The people identified it as griot.

Calypso Music

Calypso Music

Facts about Calypso Music 9: the modern Calypso

In 19th century, the modern calypso began to spread. It was incorporated with different elements such as French Creole belair and lavway. Find facts about brass instruments here.

Facts about Calypso Music 10: the competition of Calypso music

The popularity of Calypso was increased after there was a competition of calypso at Carnival. The Carnival in Trinidad was introduced by France.

Facts about Calypso Music

Facts about Calypso Music

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