10 Facts about Cam Newton

Tuesday, October 6th 2015. | Sports

Facts about Cam Newton present the information about the American football quarterback. His full name is Cameron Jerrell Newton. He was born on 11 May 1989. He is the player in NFL or National Football League for California Panthers.  Here are some interesting facts about Cam Newton:

Facts about Cam Newton 1: NFL Draft

He was signed in NFL Draft in 2011. He was selected in the 1st overall pick. Before he was signed in NFL, he was a college player at Auburn.

Facts about Cam Newton 2: the achievement

The achievement that Newton got included a national championship and Heisman trophy. He earns the awards in only one year.

Cam Newton Pic

Cam Newton Pic

Facts about Cam Newton 3: the records

Newton is considered as a successful player during his rookie. He has various all time NFL records and rookie records. He is great for running and passing the ball.

Facts about Cam Newton 4: Newton in his first game

Newton was amazing in his first game. He was able to throw 400 yards which earned him the first rookie quarterback. The first game record of Peyton Manning with his 120 yards was surpassed by Newton.

Cam Newton Picture

Cam Newton Picture

Facts about Cam Newton 5: the record in one season

In one season, Newton was able to throw for 4,000 yards. He is also considered as the first rookie to do it. He also takes another record to rush for 700 yards.

Facts about Cam Newton 6: the touchdowns

There were 14 touchdowns that he made in a single season. Since he made more touchdowns that any other quarterbacks in the history of National Football League, he gets this record. The record of Steve Grogan is surpassed by Newton too.

Cam Newton Player

Cam Newton Player

Facts about Cam Newton 7: the first winning record

The first winning record of Newton was 12-4. At that time, he was only a starter in his third season. Check Buster Posey facts here.

Facts about Cam Newton 8: the career in 2014

Newton was not able to follow the first two games of his 2014 season. He could not follow the games because of injuries. In close proximity to the end of the year, he also had a car accident. However, he was able to help the Panthers to get a 3-8-1.

Facts about Cam Newton

Facts about Cam Newton

Facts about Cam Newton 9: University of Florida

In 2007 and 2008, Newton was a member of Florida Gators football team. At that time, he was in University of Florida. Get facts about Bryan Habana here.

Facts about Cam Newton 10: Blinn College

While he was in University of Florida, he was transferred to Blinn College in January 2009. He became a player there. In 2009, Newton was a leader for his team to play in NJCAA National Football Championship.

Cam Newton

Cam Newton

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