10 Facts about Cambodian Genocide

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If you want to know the genocide conducted in 1975 until 1979 in Cambodia, you need to check Facts about Cambodian Genocide. The leader of this horrible activity was Pol Pot. He led KR or Khmer Rouge. The report estimated that 500,000 to 3 million individuals died during the Cambodian genocide. Get more interesting facts about Cambodian genocide below:

Facts about Cambodian Genocide 1: the agrarian socialism

The main foundation that the Khmer Rouge wanted to apply in Cambodia is agrarian socialism.  The ideals of Maoism and Stalinism were used as the foundation to create agrarian socialism.

Facts about Cambodian Genocide 2: the policies

In Cambodia, there were several nasty policies employed by Khmer Rouge. Those included the mass executions, malnutrition, torture, forced relocation and forced labor. There were two million people died because of the malnutrition.

Cambodian Genocide

Cambodian Genocide

Facts about Cambodian Genocide 3: the end of Cambodian genocide

When Vietnam invaded Cambodia, the genocide in the country ended. The Killing Fields was exposed. It contained 20,000 mass graves.

Facts about Cambodian Genocide 4: the reason of genocide

There was one Khmer Rouge leader who stated that the genocide was conducted because they wanted to purify the populace.

Cambodian Genocide Pic

Cambodian Genocide Pic

Facts about Cambodian Genocide 5: the trial

On 17 February 2009, the trial for Cambodian genocide was conducted. The life sentence was given to Nuon Chea and Khieu Samphan on August 7th, 2014. They were convicted because of the genocide and crime against humanity.

Facts about Cambodian Genocide 6: the ideology

The ideology of the mythic past is the main reason why the KR conducted the Cambodian genocide. They want to restore the country and made it into an agrarian society.

Cambodian Genocide Image

Cambodian Genocide Image

Facts about Cambodian Genocide 7: the common features

Even though the Cambodian genocide is unique, it also shares similar features with the famous Holocaust and Armenian genocide. All of them are centered on racism. Check facts about Armenian genocide here.

Facts about Cambodian Genocide 8: the target

The target of genocide was focused on numerous ethnic groups in Cambodia. They focused more on the minority groups. The people who embraced Buddhism, Christianity and Islam were repressed. The usage of minority languages in the country was oppressed too.

Cambodian Genocide Facts

Cambodian Genocide Facts

Facts about Cambodian Genocide 9: the death people

There were 20,000 mass graves uncovered by Cambodian NGO Documentation Center of Cambodia. Ben Kiernan who directed the Cambodian Genocide Program at Yale University stated that the death toll during the genocide reached two million people. Get facts about Armenians here.

Facts about Cambodian Genocide 10: Pol Pot

Nate Thayer interviewed Pol Pot before he committed suicide on 15 April 1998. He denied being involved with the genocide.

Facts about Cambodian Genocide

Facts about Cambodian Genocide

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