10 Facts about Cambridge

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Facts about Cambridge present the detail information about the county town of Cambridgeshire, England. It is also a famous university city. The people who lived in the city were 123,867 residents based on the census in 2011 conducted by United Kingdom. The population included 24,488 students. In Cambridgeshire, Cambridge is considered as the second largest city. In United Kingdom, it takes the 54th largest city. Here are other details facts about Cambridge:

Facts about Cambridge 1: an important trading center

Cambridge was considered as a prominent trading center when the area was ruled by Vikings.

Facts about Cambridge 2: University of Cambridge

Cambridge is always associated with University of Cambridge. In 1209, the university was established. It is one of the top five universities in the world. There is no need to wonder that many students have to compete to be enrolled in the university.

Cambridge Beauty

Cambridge Beauty

Facts about Cambridge 3: the element of Cambridge University

There are several elements of Cambridge University. Those include King’s College Chapel, Cavendish laboratory and Cambridge University Library.

Facts about Cambridge 4: the skyline

If you are visiting Cambridge, don’t forget to take a look at the skyline of this city. You have to check the English Martyrs Church, the spire of Our Lady, and Silicon Fen.

Facts about Cambridge

Facts about Cambridge

Facts about Cambridge 5: the economy of Cambridge

There are several industries located in Cambridge. They include the bioscience and software industries. Both contribute a lot to the economy of this city.

Facts about Cambridge 6: the educational qualification

It is not easy to find out the job in Cambridge due to the higher education qualification. The reports state that more than 40 percent of jobs in the city have high qualification.

Cambridge Facts

Cambridge Facts

Facts about Cambridge 7: Cambridge United F.C

Cambridge United F.C is the football club based in Cambridge. The team plays in Abbey Stadium. In the mid 1980s, the football club declined. In 2014, the football was able to come back in Football League. Check Bremen facts here.

Facts about Cambridge 8: the boating activity

If you want to do a boating activity in Cambridge, you can access River Cam. The location is around the city center.



Facts about Cambridge 9: the setting of movies and literature

There are several novels which use Cambridge as the setting. Those include Robert Harris’s Enigma, Kate Atkinson’s Case Histories, and Rose Macaulay’s They Were Defeated. Get facts about Calgary here.

Facts about Cambridge 10: the festival and events

The famous events and festivals in Cambridge include the Strawberry Fair, Cambridge Beer Festival, MidSummer Fair, Cambridge Folk Festival and many more.

Cambridge Skyline

Cambridge Skyline

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