10 Facts about Camden Town

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Facts about Camden Town tell you the interesting facts about the inner city district of London. Many people often called it simply Camden. The location of this city is 3.9 kilometer or 2.4 miles north of London. During the beginning of railways development, Camden was called as one of the important towns. Let’s check other interesting facts about Camden Town below:

Facts about Camden Town 1: the economy

Now the economy of Camden Town is focused on the tourism, retails and entertainment. The town earns more by focusing on the service industries. In the past, the industrial economic base contributed more.

Facts about Camden Town 2: the alternative culture

You can find out the alternative culture in Camden Town for this city now hosts the music venues. You can also enjoy shopping by visiting the street market. Find out facts about Burnley here.

Camden Town Facts

Camden Town Facts

Facts about Camden Town 3: the name of the city

The name of Camden Town was taken from the name of the first Earl Camden. His name is Charles Pratt.

Facts about Camden Town 4: the estate of Charles Pratt

Camden Place was the estate of Charles Pratt. This house was used to show his earldom. The location of the estate was near Chislehurst in Kent. The historian William Camden previously owned this estate which is now located in the present day London Borough of Bromley. Get facts about Calais here.

Camden Town Image

Camden Town Image

Facts about Camden Town 5: Ordnance Survey map

In 1822, the name Camden was seen on Ordnance Survey map. In the beginning of 20th century, the name was used by Camden Town Group of artist. In 1965, London borough of Camden was established.

Facts about Camden Town 6: the manor of Kentish Town

The manor of Kentish Town served as the present day location of Camden Town. The manor was owned by Sir Charles Pratt due to marriage. This man was a radical politician and lawyer from 18th century.

Camden Town Pic

Camden Town Pic

Facts about Camden Town 7: the Camden Market

In 1973, Camden Market was established. Today, people are attracted to visit the market.

Facts about Camden Town 8: the fire

On February 9, 2008, the major fire occurred at Camden Lock Village. Now the building was restored. People call it as Camden Lock Market today.

Facts about Camden Town

Facts about Camden Town

Facts about Camden Town 9: the sea elevation

Camden Town is located 30 meter or 100 feet above the sea elevation. The area is filled with flat ground.

Facts about Camden Town 10: the major tourist attraction in Camden Town

The major tourist attraction in Camden Town is the market. You can find different items here such as books, lifestyle, fashion, antiques, junks, and foods.

Camden Town

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