10 Facts about Cameron Boyce

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Get the interesting information about the American dancer and teen actor in Facts about Cameron Boyce. Boyce was born on 28 May 1999. There are several feature films where Boyce takes part. Those include Grown Ups, Grown Ups 2, Eagle Eye, and Mirrors. Jessie is the Disney Channel comedy series where he became Luke Ross. Here are some interesting facts about Boyce for you:

Facts about Cameron Boyce 1: the voice role

Boyce also involves in voice role activity. From 2013, he became a voice role in Jake and the Never Land Pirates. He fills the voice for Jake in this Disney Junior Show.

Facts about Cameron Boyce 2: the place of living

Boyce lives with his younger sisters and parents in Los Angeles now. His mother is Jewish, while his father is African American.

Cameron Boyce Actor

Cameron Boyce Actor

Facts about Cameron Boyce 3: the dance style

As I have stated before, Boyce is also a dancer. He loves to do break dance. X Mob is the name of his breakdancing crew that he made along his friends.

Facts about Cameron Boyce 4: the TV debut

Boyce made the first TV debut in May 2008. He became the kid version of Ryan Ross in, “That Green Gentleman (Things Have Changed)”. It was a music video.

Cameron Boyce Image

Cameron Boyce Image

Facts about Cameron Boyce 5: the horror film

People can find his acting in Mirrors, a horror movie in August 2008.  In the fall season, he made an appearance in Eagle Eye. It was a mystery thriller movie.

Facts about Cameron Boyce 6: Grown Ups

In Grown Ups, Boyce become the spoiled son of Adam Sandler.  In the movie, he became Keith Feder.

Cameron Boyce facts

Cameron Boyce facts

Facts about Cameron Boyce 7: the commercials

You can also find Boyce in Burger King Commercial in 2009. The commercial was unique for he and three other children showcased the Transformers: Revenge of the fallen movie. The kids depicted in the commercial were disappointed when they only found out that Bumblebee was only a common Camaro after they waited for its transformation. Find facts about Ashley Banjo here.

Facts about Cameron Boyce 8: Dancing with the Stars

Boyce also appeared in Dancing with the Stars aired on ABC. It was during the Royal Wedding tribute where he became one of the dancers.

Cameron Boyce

Cameron Boyce

Facts about Cameron Boyce 9: Shake It Up

Shake It Up is a Disney Channel series. Boyce also became the featured dancer in the series.  Get facts about Bruce Willis here.

Facts about Cameron Boyce 10: Luke Ross

Luke Ross was the character that Boyce had in Jessie. It was the Disney Channel comedy series. At first, the creator wanted to call Luke as Hiro for he was adopted from Korea. However, the creator of the series revised it after he met Boyce.

Facts about Cameron Boyce

Facts about Cameron Boyce

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