10 Facts about Cameroon

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Get the interesting information about the country in Central Africa in Facts about Cameroon. The official name of this country is Republic of Cameroon.  There are several countries which share borders with Cameroon. Those include Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, Central African Republic, Chad, Congo and Nigeria. Here are other interesting facts about Cameroon to note:

Facts about Cameroon 1: the official languages

The official languages in Cameroon include English and French. But actually this country has more than 2000 types of linguistic groups. Find facts about Burundi here.

Facts about Cameroon 2: the Africa in miniature

Due to the cultural diversity as well as the geological features, Cameroon is called as Africa in miniature.

Cameroon Beauty

Cameroon Beauty

Facts about Cameroon 3: the natural landscapes in Cameroon

If you visit Cameroon, you can find out different natural landscapes such as rainforest, deserts, beaches, savannahs and mountains.

Facts about Cameroon 4: the musical style

The famous musical styles in Cameroon include bikutsi and makossa. Both are very popular in the country. Get facts about Cambodia here.

Cameroon Kids

Cameroon Kids

Facts about Cameroon 5: the largest cities

The largest cities in Cameroon include Garoua, Yaoundé and Douala. Mount Cameroon is considered as the highest point in the country. If you are interested to visit this mountain, you can go to the southwest region of Cameroon.

Facts about Cameroon 6: the brief history of Cameroon

Let’s find out the brief history of Cameroon.  The region was first occupied by Baka hunter gatherers who lived in southeastern rainforest. The Sao civilization was seen near Lake Chad.

Cameroon Houses

Cameroon Houses

Facts about Cameroon 7: the name of the country

In 15th century, Portuguese explored the region. Then they named it as Rio dos Camarões. The meaning is Shrimp River. In English, the word was translated into Cameroon.

Facts about Cameroon 8: dance and music

The Cameroonians consider dance and music as a part of their life. There is no need to wonder that during the social gatherings, festivals, storytelling and ceremonies, the dance and music are always presented.

Cameroon Facts

Cameroon Facts

Facts about Cameroon 9: the traditional dances

During the traditional dances, the male and female are separated. It is forbidden for the male and female people to perform the dance together.

Facts about Cameroon 10: the traditional instruments

There are various instruments performed by the people in Cameroon such as flutes, talking drums, clappers, dancers, scrapers, rattles, horns, whistles, and many more.

Facts about Cameroon

Facts about Cameroon

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