10 Facts about Camille Pissarro

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Find out the interesting Facts about Camille Pissarro in the below post. He was the famous neo impressionist and impressionist painter who was born on 10 July 1830 and died on 13 November 1903. The island of Saint Thomas was his birth place. Let’s check other interesting facts about Camille Pissarro below:

Facts about Camille Pissarro 1: the influence

There were several great painters that Pissarro studied. They included the works of Kean-Baptiste-Camille Corot and Gustave Courbet.

Facts about Camille Pissarro 2: the contribution

Pissarro is considered as a renowned painter. He made a lot of contributions to the development of post impressionism and impressionism.

Camille Pissarro Facts

Camille Pissarro Facts

Facts about Camille Pissarro 3: the neo impressionist style

When Pissarro was 54 years old, he was interested to learn and create the works about Neo impressionist style. He worked and studied with his contemporaries such as Paul Signac and Georges Seurat.

Facts about Camille Pissarro 4: the collective society

Pissarro is considered as an important figure in the collective society that he established along with other 15 artists in 1873. He was called as the dean of the impressionist painters by John Rewald. He was an art historian. Pissarro got the title due to his warm personality, wisdom as well as the oldest person in the group.

Camille Pissarro Painting

Camille Pissarro Painting

Facts about Camille Pissarro 5: the parents of Pissarro

Pissarro was the son of Frederick and Rachel Manzano de Pissarro. His mother had native Creole descent, while his father had the Portuguese Jewish descent. However, his father’s nationality was French. His father worked as a merchant.

Facts about Camille Pissarro 6: the young Pissarro

Pissarro went to Savary Academy in Passy near Paris. He was impressed with French art master when he was still very young. He was encouraged by Monsieur Savary to create painting and drawing by seeing the nature.

Camille Pissarro Portrait

Camille Pissarro Portrait

Facts about Camille Pissarro 7: the business

Pissarro was encouraged by his father to involve in business.  He became a cargo clerk due to his father. But Pissarro was very interesting with drawing and painting. Therefore, he used the leisure time to do it.

Facts about Camille Pissarro 8: as an artist

He decided to become an artist after he met Fritz Melbye. He was a Danish artist. He and Melbye decided to travel Caracas and La Guaira to work there as artists. Check Brian Patten facts here.

Camille Pissarro

Camille Pissarro

Facts about Camille Pissarro 9: the drawings

There were various drawings that Pissarro made. He created the village scenes, landscapes, and sketches. Get facts about Bridget Riley here.

Facts about Camille Pissarro 10: the Paris Salon

To make sure that his works were exposed, he had to follow the Paris Salon exhibition. His work was accepted in 1859.

Facts about Camille Pissarro

Facts about Camille Pissarro

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