10 Facts about Camp Nou

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If you are interested to know about the football club located in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, you have to check Facts about Camp Nou. Since 1957, it has been used as the base for Futbol Club Barcelona. Talking about the capacity of this football stadium, it is the largest one in Spain. It has 99,354 seats. In Europe, it takes the largest stadium, while it is considered as the world’s second largest association football stadium. Let’s check other interesting facts about Camp Nou by reading the below post:

Facts about Camp Nou 1: the beginning of Camp Nou’s construction

Camp Nou was constructed on 28 March 1958. At first, it was called Camp de Led Corts. Then it was planned to be called as Estadi del FC Barcelona. But people know this stadium more as Camp Nou.

Facts about Camp Nou 2: the international matches

There are various international matches held inside Camp Nou. Some of the events include 1992 Summer Olympics football competition, two UEFA Champions League finals and a 1982 FIFA World Cup semi-final match.

Camp Nou Barcelona

Camp Nou Barcelona

Facts about Camp Nou 3: the larger construction of Camp Nou

Camp Nou had larger construction after László Kubala was signed in June 1950. He was considered as the greatest player from Barcelona.

Facts about Camp Nou 4: the first construction of Camp Nou

Do you know that there were 60,000 Barca fans who witnessed the first construction of Camp Nou?

Camp Nou Pic

Camp Nou Pic

Facts about Camp Nou 5: the first stone

The first stone of Camp Nou was laid by Felipe Acedo Colunga. He was the civil governor of Barcelona. Gregorio Modrego was the Archbishop of Barcelona who gave the blessing for this construction.

Facts about Camp Nou 6: the length of the construction

It took three years for the Camp Nou to complete. On 24 September 1957, the stadium was opened for the first time.

Camp Nou Facts

Camp Nou Facts

Facts about Camp Nou 7: the budget

The construction of Camp Nou was beyond the budget. The construction took 288 million pesetas. It was 336 percent more than the original budget. Find out Barcelona facts here.

Facts about Camp Nou 8: during the opening of Camp Nou

During the opening of Camp Nou, people saw the performance of Handel’s Messiah. There was a friendly match too between Barcelona and Legia Warsaw. The score was 4-2 for Barcelona.

Camp Nou

Camp Nou

Facts about Camp Nou 9: who were the architects?

The architects who designed Camp Nou were Francesc Mitjans and Josep Soteras. They also worked with Lorenzo García-Barbón. Get facts about Barcelona FC here.

Facts about Camp Nou 10: the expansion in 1980

The major expansion of Camp Nou occurred in 1980s. The stadium had new markers, more seats, a new press area, VIP lounges and boxes.

Facts about Camp Nou

Facts about Camp Nou

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