10 Facts about Campania

Monday, October 5th 2015. | Regions

Find out an interesting region in southern Italy in Facts about Campania.  It was considered as the third most populous region in Italy. Based on the report in 2014, the area was occupied by 5.869 million people. The total area in Campania is 5,247 square miles or 13,590 km square. Capri and Phlegraean Islands are included in Campania. Check other interesting facts about Campania by reading the below post.

Facts about Campania 1: Campania in the past

Before the Roman period, the ancient Greeks colonized the region.  Then the people employed the Greco-Roman culture during the Roman period.

Facts about Campania 2: Naples

Have you ever visited Naples before? It is the capital city of Campania.

Campania Beauty

Campania Beauty

Facts about Campania 3: the fame of Campania

Campania is a wonderful region. The people who come here will be impressed with amazing architecture, gastronomy, music, and archeological items.

Facts about Campania 4: the ancient site

You can find a lot of ancient sites in Campania. Those include Velia, Paestum, Herculaneum and Pompeii.

Campania Travel

Campania Travel

Facts about Campania 5: the name of the region

The name of the region, Campania was derived from the Campania Felix. In English, it means fertile countryside.

Facts about Campania 6: the tourism industry

The tourism industry in Campania is flourished. Many people love to go to the region due to the amazing natural sights. You can visit the island of Capri, Mount Vesuvius and Amalfi Coast.

Campania facts

Campania facts

Facts about Campania 7: the original people of Campania

Once, the people who inhabited Campania were the Aurunci, the Osci, and the Ausones. All of them used Oscan language to communicate each other. They were considered as the ancient Italian people. Find out facts about Brooklyn here.

Facts about Campania 8: the climate

The people love to visit Campania, not only due to the unique culture and buildings. You can also enjoy the amazing Mediterranean climate along the coast. During the winter season, it has the low temperature for the inner zones of Campania. The plains occupy 15 percent of the total land area, while 34 percent is mountainous. 51 percent of the area is hilly.



Facts about Campania 9: the economy

The economy of the people in Campania is focused on the agro food industry. The people produce vegetables, fruits and flowers. Find Burgundy France facts here.

Facts about Campania 10: the cuisine

The cuisines in the region are varied depending on the area.  If you are interested with cheeses and fresh veggies, you need to try Casertan and Aversan food. Seafood is used mostly in Neapolitan food.

Facts about Campania

Facts about Campania

Are you impressed after reading facts about Campania?

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