10 Facts about Camping

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Facts about Camping present the interesting information about the recreational outdoor activity. People love to do it with family and friends. It can tighten the personal relationship. It makes the people closer to the nature. You can camp on the forest, mountain, beach or even desert. Pick the natural outdoor location to make you feel fresh and relaxed. Here are some interesting facts about camping:

Facts about Camping 1: the enjoyment

When people do camping, the main purpose is to seek for enjoyment. You need to spend at least one night in outdoor area if you want to do camping. Therefore, the term camping is very different from picnicking or day tripping.

Facts about Camping 2: the form of camping

Let’s find out the form of camping. The people have installed a tent, or shelter in open air. Or they can use the primitive structure, motor home or caravan to do camping.

Camping Facts

Camping Facts

Facts about Camping 3: the luxury camping

Today, camping is not considered as a simple activity to do. The people who have a lot of money can incorporate camping with luxury elements. For instance, they can have the high end sporting camps in Africa. Therefore, the fully accommodation which includes food, drink and other high end equipment are presented for the members.

Facts about Camping 4: the popular activity

In the beginning of 20th century, camping becomes the popular activity among the elite people. It is used by the people for a recreational activity with family and friends. Get facts about best friends here.

Facts about Camping

Facts about Camping

Facts about Camping 5: the natural resources

The people can do the camping activity inside the natural resources such as the commercial campground, state parks, national parks and wilderness areas.

Facts about Camping 6: the youth organizations

There are various youth organizations in the world which use camping as a part of their activities. One of them is scouting.  Camping allows the scouts to do teamwork and self reliance.



Facts about Camping 7: the recreational travelers and survivalist campers

The purpose of camping is different. The recreational travelers will do camping just to enjoy the outdoor environment. They will come with patio furniture, heat and electricity. On the other hand, the equipment brought by the survivalist campers is very limited. Check facts about being homeless here.

Facts about Camping 8: the combined activity

Camping is not boring for you can do other activities outdoor such as hunting, fishing, climbing, kayaking, hiking and canoeing.

Camping Safari

Camping Safari

Facts about Camping 9: the children summer camp

One of the common activities for children is the summer camp. The children will sleep outdoor and eat meals over fire.

Facts about Camping 10: adventure camping

The adventure camping is often conducted by the people with limited equipment such as bivouac bag, sleeping bad and micro camping stove.

Camping Pic

Camping Pic

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