10 Facts about Canada

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Find out the country which has three territories and 10 provinces in Facts about Canada. Canada has the total area of 3.85 million square miles or 9.98 million square km. It spans from Atlantic to Pacific. The location of this country is on the northern part of North America. Check other interesting facts about Canada by reading the below post:

Facts about Canada 1: the total area and land area

Due to the total land area, Canada takes the fourth largest country in the world. Based on the total area, it takes the second largest country in the world.

Facts about Canada 2: the longest land border

The longer land border in the world is located between United States and Canada.

Canada History

Canada History

Facts about Canada 3: the earlier inhabitants of Canada

There were different aboriginal people who lived in Canada. They had been living in the region for millennia. The region of the Atlantic Coast was colonized by France and Britain in 15th century.

Facts about Canada 4: the government of Canada

The current head of state in Canada is Queen Elizabeth. Therefore, this country is constitutional monarchy and performs the federal parliamentary democracy. Check facts about British Colonialism here.

Canada Pic

Canada Pic

Facts about Canada 5: the population of the people

Based on the report in 2015, there are 35 million people who lived in Canada. Most people who live here are from different ethnicities and nations.

Facts about Canada 6: the economy

Let’s find out the sources of economy in Canada.  It is considered as the 11th largest one in the world. The main sources of Canada’s economy are from the international trade networks and natural resources. The culture and economy of the country is affected with its long relationship with United States.

Canada Skyline

Canada Skyline

Facts about Canada 7: the groupings and international organizations

Canada is included in various organizations and groupings in the world such as group of Ten, G8, North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum, and North American Free Trade Agreement.

Facts about Canada 8: the present day aboriginal people

The Metis, Inuit and First Nations are some aboriginal people who live in Canada today. The Métis people were the First Nations and Inuit people who married the Europeans in 17th century. Get facts about Canada History here.

Facts about Canada

Facts about Canada

Facts about Canada 9: the economic policy

The economic policy in the country as well as the financial planning is the responsibility of Minister of Industry and Minister of Finance. The central bank in Canada is Bank of Canada.

Facts about Canada 10: the law

There are unwritten convention and written text included in the Constitution of Canada. It is considered as the supreme law here.

British Columbia Canada

British Columbia Canada

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