10 Facts about Canada History

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If you want to know the Facts about Canada History, check the following post below. The history of Canada spans on the era of Paleo-Indians until today. Therefore, the history spans for more than thousands of years. There are several people who had occupied Canada. There is no need to wonder that the country had distinctive social hierarchies, spiritual beliefs, and trade networks.

Facts about Canada History 1: the civilization

When the first European people came to Canada, there were some civilizations vanished from the region. People can only trace them back from the archeological evidence.

Facts about Canada History 2: the laws and treaties

There were various aboriginal people who lived in Canada. To make them live peace between the aboriginal people and European people, the laws and treaties were enacted.

Canada History Fact

Canada History Fact

Facts about Canada History 3: the European settlement

The French and British began to explore and settle in region along the Atlantic Coast in the end of 15th century. After the Seven Years’ War, most colonies that France owned in North America were given to Britain.

Facts about Canada History 4: the beginning of Canada under British Rule

Under the British rule, Canada had four provinces. Britain made it as a federal dominion in 1867. It was considered as one of the three British North American colonies.

Canada History

Canada History

Facts about Canada History 5: the Canadian culture

Talking about the Canadian culture, it is the mixture of the British, French, Aboriginal and the current customs of the immigrants. The neighboring country, United States also plays a significant influence on the economic, geographic and linguistic aspects of Canadian people.

Facts about Canada History 6: Canada after the World War II

The socioeconomic aspect of Canada was developed rapidly after the end of World War 2. Get facts about British history here.

facts about Canada History

facts about Canada History

Facts about Canada History 7: the provinces and regions in Canada

There are three territories and ten provinces that Canada has. Queen Elizabeth serves as the head of the state. It performs the constitutional monarchy and parliamentary democracy. Find British Empire facts here.

Facts about Canada History 8: the woodland cultural period

Around 2000 BCE till 1000 CE, Canada was in the woodland cultural period. The period was seen in Quebec, Maritime areas and Ontario.

Canada History Facts

Canada History Facts

Facts about Canada History 9: the Aboriginal culture

In 300 BCE to 500 CE, the Aboriginal culture was seen along the American rivers. Now it is called as the Hopewell tradition.

Facts about Canada History 10: the economy

Now Canada is one of the countries with great economy. It focuses on the natural resource and international trade work.

Canada History Pic

Canada History Pic

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