10 Facts about Canada’s Economy

Wednesday, October 7th 2015. | Economy

Get the information on Facts about Canada’s Economy in the below explanation. Canada is considered as the richest countries in the world. If you check the rank of Canada at market exchange rate in US dollars, it is located as the 14th largest economy and 11th for the nominal economy in the world. Check other facts about the economy of Canada below:

Facts about Canada’s Economy 1: the members of international organizations

Canada is a member of various economical organizations in the world such as Group of Seven or G7 and OECD or Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development.

Facts about Canada’s Economy 2: the sources of the economy in Canada

The service industry is considered as the main source of economy in Canada.  There are around three quarters of the Canadian people who work in the service industry.

Canada's Economy Business

Canada’s Economy Business

Facts about Canada’s Economy 3: the developed country

Due to the great economy that Canada has, it is one of the developed countries in the world. However, Canada has the unusual sources of income since the oil industries and logging serve as the primary sectors too.

Facts about Canada’s Economy 4: the manufacturing sector

The Central Canada is filled with a lot of manufacturing sectors which contribute a lot to the development and income of this country. The aircraft industry as well as the automobile industry is very important here.

Canada's Economy

Canada’s Economy

Facts about Canada’s Economy 5: the coastline

The seafood industry and commercial fishing are important for the Canadian people. It is easy for them to get involved in the fishing industry due to the long coastline that Canada has. Find facts about Brazil’s economy here.

Facts about Canada’s Economy 6: the entertainment software industry

The technology sector in Canada also grows. There is no need to wonder that entertainment software industry is very important in Canada.

Canada's Economy Pic

Canada’s Economy Pic

Facts about Canada’s Economy 7: Canada and United States

The economy of Canada cannot be separated with the economy of United States. The latter country shared the longest border line with Canada. There is no need to wonder that the American economy and Canadian economy is integrated.

Facts about Canada’s Economy 8: the economic freedom

The freedom of economy is seen in Canada. The ratio is 60:40 for the private to public property.

Facts about Canada's Economy

Facts about Canada’s Economy

Facts about Canada’s Economy 9: the national unemployment

The unemployment rate in Canada was 0.7 percent based on the report in February 2013. Get facts about Canada here.

Facts about Canada’s Economy 10: the international trade

The trade of the natural resources that Canada has makes up a bigger part in the income of the house. 58 percent of the total export of Canada were focused on forestry, agriculture, energy and mining.

Canada's Economy Facts

Canada’s Economy Facts

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