10 Facts about Canadian Government

Tuesday, October 6th 2015. | Politics

Facts about Canadian Government talk about Her Majesty’s Government. That’s the formal name of the Canadian government. The term is can be used in general or specific purpose. The latter one is used to identify the Queen-in Council, while the former one is used to call the collective set of institutions in Canada. Let’s find out other interesting facts about Canadian Government below:

Facts about Canadian Government 1: the core of Canadian government

Let’s find out the core of Canadian government. The most basic building block is the Canadian Crown. Thus, the foundation of the judicial, executive and legislative branches is based on the Crown. Find facts about British Empire here.

Facts about Canadian Government 2: the development of the Canadian constitution

The court ruling, the statutes, and unwritten conventions are included in the Canadian constitution.

Canadian Government facts

Canadian Government facts

Facts about Canadian Government 3: the constitutional monarchy

The constitutional monarchy is applied in Canada based on the Constitution Acts of 1967 and 1982.

Facts about Canadian Government 4: the executive, court and legislature

The Canadian government has their own term when they call the legislature, court and executive. The Queen on the Bench is used to call the court. The Queen in Parliament is the legislature in Canada. The Queen in Council is the formal name for the executive.

Canadian Government Image

Canadian Government Image

Facts about Canadian Government 5: who is the Queen of Canada?

Can you tell me the queen of Canada? She is Elizabeth II. Since she is the queen of Canada, Elizabeth II wears the insignia of Order of Military Merit and Sovereign of Order of Canada.

Facts about Canadian Government 6: what is the Privy Council?

The Privy Council is the advisor of the Queen. The members of the privy councils include the elder statesmen, former members of parliaments and chief justices in Court.

Canadian Government

Canadian Government

Facts about Canadian Government 7: the Crown

The Crown is the body of cabinet in Canadian Government.  The head of cabinet in Canada is the prime minister. Stephen Harper is the current prime minister of Canada today.

Facts about Canadian Government 8: the parliament of Canada

The parliament of Canada is bicameral. It has the lower house of House of Commons, the upper house or senate, and queen represented by the governor general. Find facts about Canada here.

Canadian Government Picture

Canadian Government Picture

Facts about Canadian Government 9: the location of Canadian parliament

The location of Canadian parliament is on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Canada.

Facts about Canadian Government 10: The Supreme Court of Canada

The prime minister recommends the justices who will be appointed by the governor general.  During the process, the appellate courts from the territories and provinces in Canada and Chief Justice of Canada also involve in the selection of the nine justices for the Supreme Court.

Facts about Canadian Government

Facts about Canadian Government

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