10 Facts about Canberra

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Let’s find out the capital city of Australia in Facts about Canberra. It is considered as the eighth largest city and the largest inland city in the country. The city is occupied by 381,488 people. If you want to visit the city, you just have to go 280 km south west of Sidney or reach the northern end of ACT or Australian Capital Territory. Here are some interesting facts about Canberra to note:

Facts about Canberra 1: the people who live in Canberra

If you want to call the people who live in Canberra, call them Canberrian.

Facts about Canberra 2: the national capital

In 1908, Canberra was selected as the national capital of Australia as a result of the rivalry between Melbourne and Sydney. Both are considered as the two largest cities in Australia. Get facts about Calgary here.

Canberra Design

Canberra Design

Facts about Canberra 3: the unique location

The location of Canberra is very unique for it is planned outside any state of Australia. It is just similar with Brasilia in Brazil as well as Washington D.C. in United States.

Facts about Canberra 4: the design of the Canberra

There was a competition to win the design for Canberra. Walter Burley Griffin and Marion Mahony Griffin were the Chicago architects who won the contest. In 1913, the construction began. Find facts about Cambridge here.

Canberra Pic

Canberra Pic

Facts about Canberra 5: the Bush Capital

The Bush Capital is the nickname of Canberra. It gains the name due the plentiful natural vegetation in the city. The garden city movement was considered as the primary influence in the city design.

Facts about Canberra 6: the growth and development of Canberra

The growth of Canberra was delayed due to Great Depression and World Wars.  After the World War 2 ended, Canberra became a blossoming city. The formation of national Capital Development Commission was executed under the Prime Minister Sir Robert Menzies.



Facts about Canberra 7: the important site

Since Canberra serves as the national capital of Australia, there are several important buildings in the city. Those include the High Court, government agencies, government departments, Parliament House and the official residence for the representative governor general of Monarch.

Facts about Canberra 8: the buildings with national significances

There are various buildings in Canberra which have national significance. Those are national Library, National Museum, National Gallery, Australian Institute of Sport, Australian War Memorial, Royal Australian Mint, and Australian National University.

Canberra Tours

Canberra Tours

Facts about Canberra 9: the area of the city

Canberra spans on the area at 314.4 square miles or 814.2 square km.

Facts about Canberra 10: Mount Majura

Mount Majura is considered as the highest point in Canberra. It has the height at 2,913 feet or 888 meter.

Facts about Canberra

Facts about Canberra

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