10 Facts about Canberra Since 1927

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Facts about Canberra Since 1927 tell you about the parliament house used by the Australian people since 1927 until 1988. In the past, people call the building as the Provincial Parliament House. The parliament of met here. Canberra became the new capital of Australia since 1927. On 9 May 1927, the building was operated as the base for the Australian parliament. Check other interesting facts about Canberra since 1927 below:

Facts about Canberra Since 1927 1: the traders

In 1988, the building was not used anymore since the new building for the commonwealth parliament was constructed on Capital Hill. The people who come here will be able to see concerts, lectures and exhibition for it also has a venue. Get facts about Canberra here.

Facts about Canberra Since 1927 2: the new role

The former Parliament House had a new role. It was used as Executive Agency of the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet on May 2nd, 2008. Then it was called Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House on May 9th, 2009.

Facts about Canberra Since 1927

Facts about Canberra Since 1927

Facts about Canberra Since 1927 3: who designed the former parliament house?

Can you tell me the designer of the former parliament house? He was John Smith Murdoch. A team of assistants from the Department of Works and Railways helped him to design it.

Facts about Canberra Since 1927 4: the provincial building

The main aim of the former parliament house’s construction in Canberra was only for the provincial building. Therefore, there was no intention to make it permanent or even temporary. The building was only intended to be used for 50 years.

Canberra Since 1927

Canberra Since 1927

Facts about Canberra Since 1927 5: the design of old parliamentary house

The decor, gardens and furnishings were included in the design of the old parliamentary house.

Facts about Canberra Since 1927 6: the style of the buildings

The buildings created in Canberra around 1920s until 1930s were mainly called as the Stripped Classical buildings or Simplified buildings.

Canberra Since 1927 Pic

Canberra Since 1927 Pic

Facts about Canberra Since 1927 7: the classical architectural elements

The usage of pediments, entablatures and columns were not used in the building for they were included as classic architectural elements.

Facts about Canberra Since 1927 8: the neoclassical architectural elements

The neoclassic architectural elements were presented in the building for it employed the symmetry and orderliness.

Canberra Since 1927 Image

Canberra Since 1927 Image

Facts about Canberra Since 1927 9: the location

The location of the Canberra since 1927 parliament was at the base of the Capital Hill. There was the parliament triangle in which this building served as the center. Find facts about Australia here.

Facts about Canberra since 1927 10: Parliamentary Gardens

Parliamentary Gardens were located at each side of the old parliamentary buildings.

Canberra Since 1927 facts

Canberra Since 1927 facts

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