10 Facts about Cancer

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The disease which involves with the abnormal growth of cells is explained in Facts about Cancer. The abnormality of cells in the infected area will spread in other parts of cells in the body. But the benign tumors will not spread on the other body parts. Therefore, don’t think that all tumors are cancerous. Let’s find out other useful facts about cancer below:

Facts about Cancer 1: the symptoms

Let’s find out the possible symbols which may occur when people are affected by cancer. Those include the change in bowel movement, abnormal bleeding, a new lump, the unexplained weight lost and a prolonged cough.

Facts about Cancer 2: the types of cancer

There are various types of cancer. The experts believe that there are more than 100 types of cancers in the world. They can affect the health of human being. Get facts about BCRA genes here.

Cancer Facts

Cancer Facts

Facts about Cancer 3: the death rate

More than 22 percent of cancer death rate in the world is caused by tobacco smoking. Other causes of cancer include the high consumption of alcohol, obesity, lack of physical exercise and bad diet.

Facts about Cancer 4: other causes

Besides the bad lifestyle, the people can develop cancer because of other causes such as the environmental pollutants, ionizing radiation exposure and infections. Check facts about cancer here.



Facts about Cancer 5: the rate of cancer in the developing world

Almost 20 percent of cancers which affect the people who live in the developing countries are caused by the infection of HPV or human papillomavirus, hepatitis C and hepatitis B.

Facts about Cancer 6: the genetic defects

The genetic defect inherited from the parents occupies around 5 to 10 percent of the rate of cancers.

Cancer Image

Cancer Image

Facts about Cancer 7: the detection and diagnosis of cancer

Besides seeing the possible signs, people have to do the screening test to know whether there is cancer or not in the body. The physician will do the medical imaging too and biopsy to confirm the result.

Facts about Cancer 8: how to prevent cancers

There are various easiest ways that you can do to prevent the occurrence of abnormal cells. You should never drink too much alcohol. It will be better if you do not smoke from now.  You need to avoid too much sunlight exposure and eat less red meat.

Cancer Pic

Cancer Pic

Facts about Cancer 9: vaccination

It is very important for the kids to have vaccination to avoid any infectious diseases.

Facts about Cancer 10: the good diet

Don’t forget to perform the good diet by eating the whole grains, fruits and veggies.

Facts about Cancer

Facts about Cancer

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