10 Facts about Cancer Research

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Facts about Cancer Research tell you about Cancer Research UK. On 4th February 2002, this  cancer research and awareness charity was established in United Kingdom. It was signified by the merger between the Imperial Cancer Research Fund and the Cancer Research Campaign. Due to the big organization that it has, it is called as the largest independent cancer research charity in the world. The main goal of this cancer research is to decrease the number of the dead people because of cancer. Let’s check other interesting facts about cancer research below:

Facts about Cancer Research 1: the types of research

There several types of researches conducted by this charitable organization. It focuses to find out the suitable treatment, diagnosis and prevention of cancer.

Facts about Cancer Research 2: the activities of researches

The people will conduct the researches in various places such as in the hospitals, universities and institutes. Who will conduct the researches? Those include the grant funded researches and the employees of Cancer Research.

Cancer Research Facts

Cancer Research Facts

Facts about Cancer Research 3: the awareness about cancer

Another goal of Cancer Research is to increase the awareness of the people about cancer. They believe that by increasing the awareness of the people about it can influence by the public policy created by the government.

Facts about Cancer Research 4: who funds Cancer Research?

The public gives the fund to cover the activities and researches conducted by Cancer Research.

Cancer Research

Cancer Research

Facts about Cancer Research 5: the fund from Cancer Research

Cancer Research earns the money from events, donations, corporate partnership, retail partnership, community fundraising and legacies.

Facts about Cancer Research 6: the regular volunteers

Do you know the number of the regular volunteers in Cancer Research? They are around 40,000 individuals.

Cancer Research UK

Cancer Research UK

Facts about Cancer Research 7: the largest ever single donation

There was an anonymous donor who gave Cancer Research £10 million on 18 July 2012. It was considered as the largest ever single donation. Find cancer facts here.

Facts about Cancer Research 8: Cancer Research UK London Research Institute

Cancer Research UK London Research Institute is considered as the famous name of the flagship laboratories of this charitable organization.  In the past, people called the laboratories as Lincoln’s Inn Fields and Clare Hall.

Cancer Research Program

Cancer Research Program

Facts about Cancer Research 9: the spending of Cancer Research in 2010/2011

Cancer Research spent £332 million in 2010/201. The cash was used to fund the researches about cancer.  The project took 69 percent of the whole income. Get facts about bowel cancer here.

Facts about Cancer Research 10: other expense

In that year, Cancer Research used the remaining money to do administration, advocacy, campaigning, information services, fundraising cost and trading.

Facts about Cancer Research

Facts about Cancer Research

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