10 Facts about Cancun

Thursday, October 8th 2015. | Cities

Facts about Cancun inform you with the famous tourist destination located in southeastern Mexico. It is considered as one of the cities in Mexico situated at the easternmost point. People love to visit Cancun for it is included on the Caribbean Sea. Therefore, you can enjoy the tropical paradise in Cancun. Check other interesting facts about Cancun below:

Facts about Cancun 1: the name Cancun

People believe that the word Cancun was derived from the Mayan word of kaan kun.  It means nest of snakes in English. But there are some people who translate it as place of the gold snake. The latter version is less accepted by people.

Facts about Cancun 2: municipality of Benito Juarez

If you want to know the shield of municipality of Benito Juarez, you have to come to Cancun. Joe Vera was the Mexican American artist who designed this shield.

Cancun Beach

Cancun Beach

Facts about Cancun 3: the color of the shield

Let’s find out the color of the shield.  The red color is used to symbolize the sun and rays. The yellow color is for the sun, while the Caribbean Sea is defined in blue color.

Facts about Cancun 4: Cancun in the years after Conquest

There were many people of Nizuc who died after the Conquest period. The main causes included warfare, disease, famines and piracy.

facts about Cancun

facts about Cancun

Facts about Cancun 5: the first appearance of Cancun

In 18th century, the first word of Cancun was on the maps for the first time.

Facts about Cancun 6: the first hotel

Hyatt Cancun Caribe was considered as the first financed hotel in Cancun. Playa Blanca actually was the first hotel to build in the area. The first nine hotels located in Cancun were financed by the government because the investors were reluctant to do it.

Cancun Mexico

Cancun Mexico

Facts about Cancun 7: the tourism project in Cancun

In 1974, the first tourism project in Cancun began. Now people love to visit Cancun for it has a lot of renowned Mexican resorts. In the past, Cancun was famous as a fisherman’s island. Check Canberra facts here.

Facts about Cancun 8: the Mexican residential section

If you look at the Mexican residential section, you can find out El Centro. You can find a U-shaped residential streets here. The library, soccer fields and central garden parks are located at either sidewalk.

Cancun facts

Cancun facts

Facts about Cancun 9: the climate

Let’s find out the climate of Cancun. It has the dry climate and tropical wet climate.  It was 80.8 degree F or 27.1 degree C for the mean temperature of Cancun annually. Get facts about Cambridge here.

Facts about Cancun 10: sport

Tigres de Quintana Roo is the baseball team based in Cancun.



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