10 Facts about Candle Wax

Friday, October 9th 2015. | Science

Let me inform you with the soft solid component of candles in candle wax facts. Most types of candles produced in the world today are made of paraffin wax. In the mid of 1800s, people used beeswax to create candles.  They also used other forms of candles made of stearin or the purified animal fats and the spermaceti of whale. Here are some interesting facts about candle wax for you:

Facts about Candle Wax 1:the types of candles

There are various waxes that people can use to create candles. As I have stated before, the large production scale of candles is made of paraffin wax. But you can also find that some candles are made of soy, beeswax, tallow and plant waxes.

Facts about Candle Wax 2: the gel candles

Today gel candles are getting popular today. It gives you unique texture and clean color. The combination of polymer and mineral oil was used to create the gel candles.

Candle Wax Pic

Candle Wax Pic

Facts about Candle Wax 3: what is paraffin wax?

Have you ever heard about paraffin wax?  During the petroleum refining, the industries will get paraffin.

Facts about Candle Wax 4: the plant waxes

There are several plants that can be used to create candle waxes. Those include soybean, bayberry, carnauba and palm waxes.

Candle Wax Image

Candle Wax Image

Facts about Candle Wax 5: the cheaper price

The people who want to get the candles in cheaper price can pick the tallow candles wax. Even though it is the cheap wax, the production of this candle is very rare.

Facts about Candle Wax 6: candle wick

The candle wick is very important. It is used to control the rate of burning of candle wax.

Candle Wax facts

Candle Wax facts

Facts about Candle Wax 7: the production process of candle wax

The extrusion molding is the common production process of candle.  The people can pour the aniline based dye, essential oil or fragrance oil to make the candles smell great and colorful. Get burning facts here.

Facts about Candle Wax 8: the negative effect of paraffin candle wax

You have to be careful with the paraffin candle wax. Some people believe when the candles are burned, they can release toxins and carcinogens. The people can experience allergies when they breathe the smoke from the paraffin candles.

Facts about Candle Wax

Facts about Candle Wax

Facts about Candle Wax 9: the soy candles

Now there is a trend to choose the soy candle wax. This item is environmental friendly. It is safer, last longer and cooler.

Facts about Candle Wax 10: the natural candle wax

The people, who concern with health and safety, choose the palm wax, bees wax or soybean wax rather than selecting the paraffin wax. Get facts about candles here.

Unique Candles

Unique Candles

What do you think on facts about candle wax?

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