10 Facts about Candles

Friday, October 9th 2015. | Science

Facts about Candles tell you about the wax which can give you lighting. You just have to light the candles to get the light. The people who live in the middle age used candles as the main source of lighting before electricity was founded. In some cases, candles can generate fragrance too. Therefore, candles are often used in various spas and beauty salons. Here are some interesting facts about candles:

Facts about Candles 1: the manufacturer

The traditional term used to call the people who manufacture candles is candler.

Facts about Candles 2: the burning candles

Let’s find out the process of burning candles.  You can light the candles wick by using the heat source to make it burn. The wax will melt and vaporize after you burn it.



Facts about Candles 3: holding the candles

There are various items that you can use to hold the candles. You can choose the beautiful wrought iron chandelier or the simple table top candle holders. Get facts about Bunsen Burners here.

Facts about Candles 4: the flame

The flame produced by candles is constant since the fuel is combined with oxygen. The self sustaining chain of events makes this candle burn continuously as long as the flame can give the right amount of heat.

Facts about Candles

Facts about Candles

Facts about Candles 5: the solid fuel

The fuel in candles is solid. The candles will look shorter when the flame consumes the solid fuel.

Facts about Candles 6: the regular trimming

The regular trimming is applied on the wick. You can use the specialized wick trimmer or scissors to trim the wick. Therefore, you can promote the steady and slow burning without any smoke. In the 20th century, the people could buy the snuffers or the special candle scissors to fulfill this need. It comes with an extinguisher.

Unique Candles

Unique Candles

Facts about Candles 7: a self trimming wick

Due to the modern technology, the people can generate self trimming wick. Therefore, when the candles are burnt, it curves over.

Facts about Candles 8: the most common lamps

The oil lamps and candles were considered as the most common lamps in the world when people lived without electricity.

Candles Facts

Candles Facts

Facts about Candles 9: the usage of candles

The popularity of candles was higher in northern Europe until 20th century. The oil lamps were mostly used by the people who lived in Mediterranean and southern Europe.

Facts about Candles 10: the usage of candles today

Today, candles are not used as the main illumination. They are used mostly for the scent and aesthetic purposes.



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