10 Facts about Cannabis

Friday, October 9th 2015. | Medical

If you want to know the genus of flower, get Facts about Cannabis. There are three types of flowers included in Cannabis. Those are Cannabis ruderalis, Cannabis indica and Cannabis sativa. All of them were originated from Indian subcontinent and Central Asia. The plants are very important for the people. The industries get a lot of fiber from the Cannabis plants. Let’s find out other benefits and characteristics of Cannabis plants by reading the below post:

Facts about Cannabis 1: the fiber

The fiber taken from the Cannabis plants will be used by the industries to produce hemp.

Facts about Cannabis 2: other usage of Cannabis

Cannabis plant is not only used to create the help fiber. People also use it to make medicine, recreational drug and hemp oil.

Cannabis Facts

Cannabis Facts

Facts about Cannabis 3: the minimal levels of THC

The minimal level of THC or tetrahydrocannabinol can be produced from the Cannabis plant. The production is used to satisfy the United Nation Narcotics Convention.

Facts about Cannabis 4: the maximum level of THC

The people who want to get the maximum level of THC should carefully pick the Cannabis plants. The people can get it from the dried flowers of the plants.

Cannabis Plant

Cannabis Plant

Facts about Cannabis 5: the legal production

Let’s find out the amount of legal production of cannabis plants? The report stated that 60,400 kg of cannabis had been produced in 2013 in the world.

Facts about Cannabis 6: the recreational drug

Cannabis is popular as a recreational drug. The report states that there were around 128 to 232 million people who used cannabis as the recreational drug in 2013.



Facts about Cannabis 7: the popularity

The popularity of cannabis as a recreational drug comes in the fourth place. The alcohol, caffeine and tobacco are more popular than cannabis. Find out facts about cactus here.

Facts about Cannabis 8: cannabis in United States

People believe that more than 10 million American people have tried cannabis before. The report goes on by saying that within the past years, cannabis has been used by 25 million people in United States.

Cannabis Pic

Cannabis Pic

Facts about Cannabis 9: the effect of cannabis

When people use cannabis, they can sense euphoria and relaxation. In some cases, the user experiences the paranoia, anxiety or even increased heart rate. Get facts about cacao trees here.

Facts about Cannabis 10: cannabis and medication

Cannabis is also used in the medication. The medical cannabis is used to eliminate the muscle spasms and chronic pain. The people who have chemotherapy also consume it to eliminate vomiting and nausea.

Facts about Cannabis

Facts about Cannabis

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