10 Facts about Canoeing

Saturday, October 10th 2015. | Sports

Facts about Canoeing talk about a type of recreational activity that you can do alone or with other people. You can use a single bladed paddle to make the canoe moves on the body of water. Canoeing sometimes is used to call kayaking and canoeing in some parts of Europe.

Facts about Canoeing 1: the modern canoeing

In 19th century, the modern canoeing was developed. Actually, it was used as a mean of transportation in the ancient time.

Facts about Canoeing 2: an Olympic game

Now canoeing is not only a recreational activity, but it is also a sport. In 1936 Summer Olympic, canoeing made its debut as a part of Olympic Games.

Canoeing Facts

Canoeing Facts

Facts about Canoeing 3: International Representation for Kanusport

Internationalen Representation for Kanusport was established in 1924 by canoeing associations from Sweden, Denmark, Germany and Australia. Now it is called International Canoe Federation.

Facts about Canoeing 4: the competitive sport of canoe

There are various kinds of competitive sports of canoe. Those include canoe polo, sprint canoe, canoe marathon, whitewater canoeing, playboating and ICF canoe marathon.

Canoeing Image

Canoeing Image

Facts about Canoeing 5: the canoe camping

If you want to avoid the competitive sport of canoeing, you can do canoe camping. It enables you to enjoy the outdoor area in the forest, hills or area near the lake.

Facts about Canoeing 6: the materials to make canoe

In the past, people used bark on a wood frame to create canoes. Now people use various materials to create the modern canoes. It can be made of fiberglass, aluminum or even molded plastic. find facts about bungee jumping here.

Canoeing Pic

Canoeing Pic

Facts about Canoeing 7: canoeing in 1800s

The main purpose of canoeing in 1800s was for a mode of transportation when people want to do trade or exploration. Now people do canoeing for sport and recreational purposes.

Facts about Canoeing 8: canoeing in the history

Canoeing is one of the important parts for the life of the people who live in Canada, United States and New Zealand.



Facts about Canoeing 9: what is canoe camping?

Let’s talk about canoe camping in detail? People often it calls it as canoe tripping, expedition canoeing or canoe touring. This activity is very popular for the people can enjoy the long distance traveling, camping and canoeing at the same time. This activity is mostly performed by the people who live in North America. Get facts about camping here.

Facts about Canoeing 10: fishing

When the canoeists do this activity in the river or even lake they will love to stay still and do fishing here. It will be easier for them to blend with the natural surroundings.

Facts about Canoeing

Facts about Canoeing

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