10 Facts about Canopic Jars

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Facts about Canopic Jars tell you about the important containers used by the ancient Egyptian people when they performed mummification process. The viscera of the owner will be stored and preserved inside the Canopic jars. There were very important to succeed the journey in the afterlife. Find out other interesting Canopic jar facts below:

Facts about Canopic Jars 1: the materials

The main material to create canopies jars was from limestone. The ancient Egyptians also created potteries for the Canopic jars.

Facts about Canopic Jars 2: the usage of Canopic jars

The ancient Egyptian people used the Canopic jars during the old kingdom period until Ptolemic period. The latter period is also called as Late Period.

Canopic Jars Pic

Canopic Jars Pic

Facts about Canopic Jars 3: the viscera

The storage for the viscera is very unique. There were several canopies jars prepared to store each organ of the owner.

Facts about Canopic Jars 4: the Canopic jars during the Old Kingdom

During the old Kingdom, it was very rare for the ancient Egyptian people to produce the inscribed canopy jars. The lids were in plain design. Get facts about ancient Egypt mummies here.

Canopic Jars Shape

Canopic Jars Shape

Facts about Canopic Jars 5: the Canopic jars in the Middle Kingdom

During the Middle Kingdom, it was very common for the ancient Egyptian people to get the inscribed Canopic jars. The lids were not plain. The human head was used to decorate the lids.

Facts about Canopic Jars 6: the Canopic jars in 19th dynasty

During the 19th dynasty, there were four lids on the Canopic jars. They were decorated with the four son of Horus. The ancient Egyptians believed that the organs inside the Canopic jars will be guided and protected by them.

Canopic Jars

Canopic Jars

Facts about Canopic Jars 7: the name

The term Canopic was taken from the Greek legend Canopus. Actually the early Egyptologists created the wrong association between the legend and the jars.

Facts about Canopic Jars 8: the number of Canopic jars

There were four numbers of Canopic jars during the mummification process.  The important organ will be kept in each canopy jar. The organs included liver, lungs, intestines and stomach. The ancient Egyptian believed that those organs were needed during the afterlife. Get facts about ancient Egyptian life here.

Facts about Canopic Jars

Facts about Canopic Jars

Facts about Canopic Jars 9: the heart

The heart was not removed from the body. It remained in the body because the ancient Egyptians believed that it was the seat of soul.

Facts about Canopic Jars 10: the oldest Canopic jars

The oldest forms of Canopic jars were made of wood or stones. They were dated back in 11th or 12th dynasty.

Old Canopic Jars

Old Canopic Jars

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