10 Facts about Canterbury

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Facts about Canterbury talk about the famous city in England.  It is the house of the famous Canterbury Cathedral. It is included in World Heritage Site. The location of the cathedral is at the heart of the Canterbury City. You can come here and scrutinize the details of the exterior and interior of the cathedral. It is considered as the oldest one in England. Here are some interesting facts about Canterbury for you:

Facts about Canterbury 1: The Archbishop of Canterbury

The leader of the Anglican Communion in the world as well as the Church of England is the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Facts about Canterbury 2: St Augustine

St Augustine was very important in the religious life of Canterbury Cathedral. In 7th century, he became the apostle of pagan kingdom of Kent.

Canterbury City

Canterbury City

Facts about Canterbury 3: the importance of the city

Canterbury was visited by a lot of pilgrims due to the presence of Thomas Becket’s martyrdom. He was killed in the cathedral by the knights of King Henry II.

Facts about Canterbury 4: The Canterbury Tales

The Canterbury Tales was created by Geoffrey Chaucer in 14th century. The tale was inspired from the journey of the pilgrims to visit the shrine of Thomas Becket in the Canterbury cathedral. Find Canterbury Tales facts here.

Canterbury England

Canterbury England

Facts about Canterbury 5: tourism

Tourism is considered as the important aspects of economy in Canterbury. The economy of this city relays a lot on tourism. There is no need to wonder that it is considered as one of the most visited cities in Britain.

Facts about Canterbury 6: the capital

Canterbury was used as a capital of Jute Kingdom of Kent and Celtic Cantiaci. Actually the people had settled in the city since Paleolithic period.



Facts about Canterbury 7: the students

You can find a lot of students in Canterbury. It houses various educational institutions such as the American University – Canterbury, University for the Creative Arts, University of Kent, and Canterbury Christ Church University. Get facts about Bradford on Avon here.

Facts about Canterbury 8: the historical structures

There is no need to wonder that Canterbury can earn a lot due for the tourism since it has a lot of historical structures. You can find the King’s School. It is considered as the oldest extant school in the world. During the Roman era, there was a city wall. In 14th century, it was restored.

Facts about Canterbury

Facts about Canterbury

Facts about Canterbury 9: other interesting places

Other interesting places to visit include St Lawrence Ground, Marlowe Theatre, a Norman castle and ruins of St Augustine’s Abbey.

Facts about Canterbury 10: the famous people

There are several people who were born in the city such as the famous actor Thomas James Longley, TV presenter Fiona Phillips, actor Tom Wilkinson, singer Aruhan Galieva and many more.

Canterbury Facts

Canterbury Facts

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