10 Facts about Cape buffalo

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Facts about Cape buffalo tell you about the large African bovine which has the scientific name Syncerus caffer. The ancestry of Cape buffalo is not clear. If you think that it has a relationship with the Asian water buffalo, you are wrong. Both do not have any close relationship. The body of the Cape buffalo is larger than the wild Asian water buffalo. Let’s find out other interesting facts about Cape buffalo below:

Facts about Cape Buffalo 1: smallest subspecies of Cape buffalo

The smallest subspecies of Cape buffalo is forest buffalo or S. c. nanus. You can find them living in the central and West Africa in the forests.

Facts about Cape Buffalo 2: the largest subspecies of Cape buffalo

The largest one is Syncerus caffer caffer. You can find them living in East Africa and South Africa.

Cape Buffalo Image

Cape Buffalo Image

Facts about Cape Buffalo 3: the dangerous animal

Cape buffalo is considered as dangerous animal due to the presence of the horns. The report finds out that this animal kills 200 people per year.

Facts about Cape Buffalo 4: the relationship with other bovines

If you think that it has something to do with other bovines, you are wrong. It is not the ancestor of the domestic buffalo.

Cape Buffalo Pic

Cape Buffalo Pic

Facts about Cape Buffalo 5: the domestication

The water buffaloes that you can see in most parts of Asia have been domesticated.  On the other hand, the African Cape buffaloes have not been domesticated by the people.

Facts about Cape Buffalo 6: the predators

The Cape buffalo is very strong and powerful. There is no need to wonder that it only has few predators. They have great defense mechanism. Check camouflage facts here.

Cape Buffalo

Cape Buffalo

Facts about Cape Buffalo 7: the size of Cape buffalo

Let’s find out the size of Cape buffalo. It has the length from 5.6 feet to 11.2 feet. The height can reach 3.3 to 5.6 feet.

Facts about Cape Buffalo 8: the body shape

The body shape of Cape buffalo is very stocky even though it is long. It has taller and heavier body if you compare it with the wild water buffalo. However, the legs are thick and short.

Cape Buffalos

Cape Buffaloes

Facts about Cape Buffalo 9: the tail

The length of the tail can reach 28 to 43 inches.

Facts about Cape Buffalo 10: the weight

The female is usually smaller than the male Cape buffalo. The weight is around 500 to 900 for the savannah type buffalo.  The weight for the forest type buffalo is around 250 to 450 kilogram. Get facts about buffalo here.

Facts about Cape Buffalo

Facts about Cape Buffalo

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