10 Facts about Cape Hatteras

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Facts about Cape Hatteras tell you about the cape located on North Carolina coast. If you want to reach Bermuda, the shortest landmass is from this Cape Hatteras. The two great basins located at East Coast gather in the cape. The cape is also a home to different kinds of species that you can find on the northern and southern end. Let’s check other interesting facts about Cape Hatteras below:

Facts about Cape Hatteras 1: the climate of Cape Hatteras

If you visit Cape Hatteras, you can feel the humid subtropical climate. During the summer season, the people can enjoy warm air. The winter in Cape Hatteras is mild.

Facts about Cape Hatteras 2: the large bodies of water

The larges bodies of water are located around Cape Hatteras. You can find Atlantic Ocean in northeast and southwest of Cape Hatteras. The Pamlico Sound can be seen on the northwest and west.

Cape Hatteras Beaches

Cape Hatteras Beaches

Facts about Cape Hatteras 3: the warmest days

You can come to Cape Hatteras in July or beginning of August if you want to experience the warmest days. The temperature reaches 29 degree C or 85 degree F.

Facts about Cape Hatteras 4: the coolest month

On average, the temperature in Cape Hatteras during the coolest month is 7.5 degree C or 45.5 degree F. You can visit it in January to know the coolest month.

Facts about Cape Hatteras

Facts about Cape Hatteras

Facts about Cape Hatteras 5: the wettest month

The wettest months in Cape Hatteras are in July until September. However, the precipitation occurs consistently in all year around in the cape.

Facts about Cape Hatteras 6: the hurricanes

The hurricanes were frequently seen in Cape Hatteras. In 2003, many parts of the cape were destroyed by Hurricane Isabel.

Cape Hatteras

Cape Hatteras

Facts about Cape Hatteras 7: the precipitation rate

The precipitation rate in Cape Hatteras is more than 1,500 mm or 58 inches annually. The snowfall is seen but it only has a light amount. Find facts about Cahokia here.

Facts about Cape Hatteras 8: the risk

The people faced high risk when the traveled on the eastern seaboard for it often had the frequent storm and turbulent waters. Therefore, many ships were lost in the area. Thus, people call it as Graveyard of the Atlantic.

Cape Hatteras Image

Cape Hatteras Image

Facts about Cape Hatteras 9: the ocean current

Since the ocean current in Cape Hatteras is amazing, people love to visit it for surfing. Get facts about Buxton Canada here.

Facts about Cape Hatteras 10: the lighthouse

In 1803, the first lighthouse was built in this cape. In 1870, the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse was installed to replace the old one. The height of the new lighthouse is 60.50 meter or 198.48 feet.

Cape Hatteras facts

Cape Hatteras facts

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