10 Facts about Cape Verde

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Let me tell you the island country which has the official name Republic of Cabo Verde in Facts about Cape Verde. There are 10 volcanic islands located in the archipelago of Central Atlantic Ocean. In 15th century, Cape Verde was inhabited by the people. The island was explored and colonized by Portuguese people. Here are some interesting facts about Cape Verde below:

Facts about Cape Verde 1: the prosperity

In 16th and 17th century, Cape Verde experiences the prosperous life due to the Atlantic slave trade. The pirates, privateers and merchants were interested to come to the cape.

Facts about Cape Verde 2: the economic decline

The economic decline was experienced by the people in Cape Verde in 19th century due to the end of slave trade. However, the economy of the country was restored as a stopover for the shipping routes and commercial center.

Cape Verde Pictures

Cape Verde Pictures

Facts about Cape Verde 3: the independence

In 1975, Cape Verde was independent from Portugal. In 1951, Portugal included as an overseas department of the country.

Facts about Cape Verde 4: the country in Africa

Cape Verde is considered as one of most democratic countries in Africa. The country is also well developed since its independence in 1975.

Cape Verde Islands

Cape Verde Islands

Facts about Cape Verde 5: the economy

The economy of Cape Verde focuses more on the service industry. It gains the revenue from the foreign investment and tourism due to the small amount of natural resources.

Facts about Cape Verde 6: the population of the people

The country is inhabited by 512,000 people. Most of them are mesticos or the mixed of African and European people. The culture reflects the Portuguese legacy. Most of them embrace Roman Catholic.

Cape Verde Beaches

Cape Verde Beaches

Facts about Cape Verde 7: the social interaction

The main type of social interaction conducted by the people in Cape Verde is by attending church activities and football games. The people also meet their friends in Cape Verde town by walking along the town square. Find facts about Cape Hatteras here.

Facts about Cape Verde 8: the famous poets from Cape Verde

The famous poets from Cape Verde include Eugénio Tavares, Manuel de Novas, and Sergio Frusoni.

Facts about Cape Verde

Facts about Cape Verde

Facts about Cape Verde 9: the staple food

The staple foods in Cape Verde include rice and corn. People also like to eat fish. The dried beans, cabbage, potatoes, manioc, tomatoes, kale and onions are the common vegetables cooked by the local people.

Facts about Cape Verde 10: the popular fruits

Papayas and bananas are popular in the country for they are easy to get. The season fruits include avocado and mangoes. Get facts about Cape Town here.

Cape Verde Facts

Cape Verde Facts

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