10 Facts about Capillaries

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Facts about Capillaries present the information about the smallest features on the blood vessels of the body. The capillaries are very important for the body system since it makes up the microcirculation in the body. The thickness of the endothelial lining of capillaries only has one layer of cell. Check other interesting facts about capillaries below:

Facts about Capillaries 1: the diameter

Can you tell me the diameter of capillaries? The diameter is around five to 10 micrometres.

Facts about Capillaries 2: the function

What about the function of capillaries? They are essential to help the body exchanging carbon dioxide, oxygen and water. The capillaries link the venules and arterioles. Thus, the exchange of the waste and nutrient substance in the body can be conducted.

Facts about Capillaries

Facts about Capillaries

Facts about Capillaries 3: Lymph capillaries

The body can drain the large lymph vessels for they are linked with the lymph capillaries.

Facts about Capillaries 4: vasculogenesis

Vasculogenesis is the process which involves the formation of new capillaries in the beginning of the embryonic development.



Facts about Capillaries 5: a capillary bed

The capillaries are located inside the capillary bed. The tissues and organs are supplied by this interweaving network of capillaries.

Facts about Capillaries 6: work of capillaries

The capillaries have to work hard to carry away the waste and take the nutrients to the body if the cells are very active metabolically.

Capillaries Pic

Capillaries Pic

Facts about Capillaries 7: the types of vessels in the capillary beds

There are two types of vessels located inside the capillary beds. Both are metarterioles and metarterioles. The experts believed that the former one was found in the all capillary beds. But actually you can only find it in mesenteric microcirculation. The latter one is very important to exchange of blood and cells. Find facts about blood circulation here.

Facts about Capillaries 8: the types of blood capillaries

You can find three types of blood capillaries. They are the fenestrated, continuous, and sinusoidal capillaries.

Capillaries Image

Capillaries Image

Facts about Capillaries 9: the location of fenestrated capillaries

The fenestrated capillaries are located in various locations such as pancreas, intestines, glomeruli of the kidney, and endocrine glands. Get facts about body system here.

Facts about Capillaries 10: Sinusoidal capillaries

The white and red blood cells can easily pass the blood vessels due to the presence of sinusoidal capillaries. You can find these capillaries in the lymph nodes, adrenal glands and bone marrow. The liver and spleen have the discontinuous sinusoidal capillaries. Without the presence of capillary wall, it will be impossible for the waste and nutrient to be transported from the cells.

Capillaries Facts

Capillaries Facts

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