10 Facts about Capoeira

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Facts about Capoeira inform you with the famous Brazilian martial art.  It is very unique due to the combination of music, acrobatics and dance. Some people often call it as a game. The West African descendants with native Brazilian blood developed Capoeira in the early 16th century. Check other interesting facts about Capoeira below:

Facts about Capoeira 1: the characteristics of Capoeira

There are several characteristics associated with Capoeira. Those include the speed, power, complex moves, quick moves, mobile technique, spins, kicks and leverage.

Facts about Capoeira 2: a special status

UNESCO awarded Capoeira as an intangible cultural heritage. It earned a special protected status from UNESCO on 26 November 2014.

Facts about Capoeira

Facts about Capoeira

Facts about Capoeira 3: the music

You cannot separate capoeira from music. The game is played based on the tempo and style of the music. The singing and musical instrument are used to play the music.

Facts about Capoeira 4: berimbau

Berimbau is the primary musical instrument which controls the rhythm. The style of the roda determines whether the tempo is slow or fast.



Facts about Capoeira 5: the traditional capoeira instruments

The type of capoeira instrument used in the performance depends on the roda style and the group tradition of capoeira. If you check the traditional one, it usually has one ganza, one agogo, one atabaque, two pandeiros and three berimbaus.

Facts about Capoeira 6: the leading instrument

Can you tell me the leading instrument in capoeira? It is the berimbau. Therefore, the style and tempo are determined based on the berimbau performance. The players are able to improve the musical style since there are a high pitch berimbau and two low pitch berimbaus.

Capoeira Picture

Capoeira Picture

Facts about Capoeira 7: the training

Let’s find out the training of capoeira. The people who love to learn it will focus on the counter attack, dodging and attack. Check facts about bungee jumping here.

Facts about Capoeira 8: the ranking in capoeira regional

There are three levels introduced by capoeira regional. The freshman is called calouro. The graduated one is formado. The specialist is formado especializado.

Capoeira Moves

Capoeira Moves

Facts about Capoeira 9: the songs

As I have stated before, Capoeira is not only performed with music but also singing. There are various subjects which cover the songs. The topic of the song can narrate the story of the well known capoeiristas. Find facts about canoeing here.

Facts about Capoeira 10: the basic songs

In Capoeira, the capoeiristas should note the four basic songs. Those are Quadra, Corrido, Chula and Ladaínha. At the beginning of a roda, the narrative solo will be sung. It is called Ladaínha.

Capoeira Facts

Capoeira Facts

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